Risk Chronicles

Session 10

In which a hag gets burnt, and lit on fire.

(7:41:07 PM) Logos: EDEN prides itself in making the artificial biomes that it creates as realistic as possible, which is probably why the swamp biome smells sharply of rotting plant matter, dark, musty earth and something that’s simultaneously sweet and vaguely animal-like. The bullywugs lead Our Heroes through thick, muddy, knee-deep water, and the mazelike patches of trees make it easy to get lost quickly as the frog-like creatures walk in relative
(7:41:07 PM) Logos: silence, occasionally ribbiting to one another in their strange languiage. Eventually, the ground beneath their feet begins to feel more solid and the ground slopes upward toward a rounded islet covered in patchy green moss and dark, twisted trees, densely packed enough to make seeing beyond them nearly impossible.
(7:44:58 PM) Tora will never get used to walking through thick, muddy, knee-deep water. Ever.
(7:47:00 PM) Shirin: It’s so much like her father’s last gardening project it’s kind of eerie. Idly, Shirin wonders if mother ever forgave him for the rose hydra.
(7:47:50 PM) Shirin: …It seems unlikely.
(7:53:29 PM) Tora: or the weird navigation, or…okay he just doesn’t like swamps really.
(7:57:29 PM) Shirin: “< …It’s really a very pretty swamp. >”
(7:58:10 PM) Logos: Two of the creatures move forward and begin pushing through the densely packed treeline, opening a path for their fellows and their captives. On the other side stands several tall, wicker torches and a number of bullywugs standing at attention. The islet rises to a crest at the center of the grove, where stands a blocky concrete structure with a heavy iron door facing Our Heroes. Standing next to the structure, looking down at a sm
(7:58:10 PM) Logos: all crystal sphere, is Dr. Masud, his lips pursed in concentration.
(7:58:20 PM) *Miali quietly follows along, watching the bullywugs cautiously.
(7:58:58 PM) Shirin: “…< Sir?>”
(7:59:07 PM) Sanaz: …well.
(8:00:00 PM) *Tora blinks at the Dr. Masud, caring not for his concentration. “Hi there?”
(8:00:19 PM) Shirin: This was going nowhere good, was it?
(8:00:50 PM) Shirin: She leans over to Sanaz. “…Bets he’s behind the attacks? I’ll put down two gold.”
(8:01:03 PM) Bassist159 is now known as Konstantin
(8:01:32 PM) Tora: “Hellooo.” Tora waves a hand in front of Dr. Masud’s face.
(8:02:00 PM) Shirin: “Tora don’t be rude.”
(8:02:00 PM) Shirin: Yet.
(8:02:08 PM) Sanaz: “I’m not taking that bet, sister.” he murmurs at her.
(8:02:19 PM) Sanaz: The least of which being he doesn’t exactly have the /money/ for that bet.
(8:03:48 PM) Shirin: Being a Guide pays //well//.
(8:03:53 PM) Logos: Dr. Masud looks up from the ball, smiling grimly. “Well then. You weren’t the ones I expected to make it this far, but I suppose you’ll do,”
(8:04:46 PM) Sanaz: And that’s all very well and good for you, but he’s still owed money for his latest contract as a dancer and he doesn’t actually expect to see any of it now.
(8:05:19 PM) Tora: “Who did you expect, then?”
(8:07:50 PM) Shirin: “…You common’s gotten a lot better.” Siiighing. “I suppose this is the part where you explain?”
(8:09:03 PM) Logos: “Only what you need to know, I’m afraid. Really, I’m glad you found the dancer. I needed two elves to access the lower vault, and I didn’t relish waiting around any longer than I had to…” he looks around “They aren’t exceptional conversationists, you see”
(8:10:39 PM) Tora: “It sounds like you have an agreement of some sort going on with the frogpeople there then?” Tora’s…not quite sure
(8:11:53 PM) Shirin: “Were you behind the attack?” Rubbing a couple fingers to her forehead. “To get something out of the lower vault? Couldn’t you open it on your own?”
(8:12:32 PM) Shirin: She glances over at Konstantin. Maybe if he ate Masud they could say a monster did it.
(8:13:01 PM) Tora: “What’s in the lower vault?”
(8:16:29 PM) Logos: Dr. Masud’s face…ripples, his sharp, dark-skinned elven features replaced by warty, dark-green skin and stringy black hair, a long, crooked nose and jaundiced eyes with wide, black pupils. The creature is tall, dressed in the sodden tatters of a once-white dress. It – she? – rises up to her full height and looks down at Our Heroes. “I’m afraid I don’t qualify for access. As for what’s in it, I’m afraid that you don’t need to know
(8:16:29 PM) Logos: that, dearie”
(8:19:42 PM) Tora: “But how do we know what to bring you if we don’t know what? I mean, I take it you want us to bring you something from the lower vault?”
(8:20:19 PM) Konstantin: “Tora, I believe diplomacy may have just failed.”
(8:20:56 PM) Tora: “er…oh…crap…”
(8:21:16 PM) Sanaz: …shapeshifting frog witch? /Glories/.
(8:21:43 PM) Shirin: “…I…” She holds up a finger, and then then puts it down. “…//Was// there a Dr. Masud? Out of curiosity.”
(8:21:47 PM) Sanaz: Make them open it, kill them after, he’s pretty sure. (also part of him is glad that he didn’t take that bet).
(8:22:58 PM) *Miali tenses a moment, watching cautiously. Best not to let on she knows anything while in earshot. Not that she knows much
(8:24:42 PM) Tora: “…you are suddenly very, very green.”
(8:25:19 PM) Shirin: “Thank you, Tora.”
(8:25:47 PM) Sanaz: “< Does he always state the obvious?”>
(8:26:10 PM) Miali: “< Part of his charm.>”she murmurs.
(8:26:20 PM) Logos: “In any event, dearie. I just don’t have all day to stand around flapping my jaw,” she turns to one of the bullywugs. “Three of you come with me and bring the elves. You can eat the rest of them,”
(8:26:21 PM) Shirin: “< I fear he’s rather sheltered…>”
(8:26:29 PM) Shirin: “Nnno.”
(8:27:03 PM) Shirin: “No I don’t think that’s gonna work.”
(8:27:16 PM) Logos: The Hag tilts her head to the side, eyes narrowing. “Would you prefer they eat your friends in front of you? Because that can be arranged,”
(8:28:45 PM) Miali: Miali mutters under her breath, a loud snap and crack coming from the swampland to the side.
(8:29:09 PM) Shirin: “Wasn’t my first plan. But you need elves.” She smiles, bitterly. “And I swear to you I’ll die right here before you get anything from me if they die.”
(8:30:58 PM) Tora: “\\I wouldn’t be very good to eat. Too much bones. I’ve been told that, by the by, so I’m not making it up.\\”
(8:32:01 PM) Logos: “..I can see you’re going to be a tough nut to crack,” she motions toward two of the bullywugs “Go check out that noise. Who knows how many friends they brought with them?” she turns back to Shirin, her momentary distraction is all that Miali needs to slip quietly back into the grove of trees. The group’s weapons have been stacked in a pile between two torches, over which one of the bullywugs is standing nervous guard, his back to
(8:32:01 PM) Logos: the trees.
(8:32:46 PM) Miali: Miali slips up to the bullywug, abruptly popping into his face. “RUN.” she hisses intimidatingly, catching him offguard..
(8:33:01 PM) Shirin: “I’ve been called stubborn as a stone by scarier things than you, miss.”
(8:33:23 PM) Shirin: Juuust keep talking. Keep her paying attention to her.
(8:34:28 PM) Konstantin: “She’s not honestly that particularly impressive.” He adds. He’s either as fearless as being a Paladin would imply or he’s just bluffing, hard to say.
(8:37:42 PM) Shirin: …Given his father, she’s pretty sure he’s seen scarier as a toddler.
(8:37:55 PM) Shirin: Why did they let Matthias have children?
(8:38:00 PM) Tora: “She’s just kind of tall and green. Not that scary.”
(8:38:28 PM) Logos: The bullywug’s eyes widen and roll back into its frog-like head as it crumples to the ground. The Hag, focused on Shirin with a strangely…hungry look in her eye…doesn’t seem to notice that her guard is dead. “Careful, dearie. I don’t prefer the taste of humans, but I will eat anything in a pinch.”
(8:39:29 PM) Shirin: “Eat //him//?” She glances at Konstantin, and just…laughs. “Oh, honey, no, that’s not really a very credible threat.”
(8:40:06 PM) Konstantin: “No, no. I don’t care much for what you’re attempting to imply.” He steps forward. “Because honestly, all I see here is a large, green bottomfeeder, in a dwindling pond that thinks itself a touch more clever than it is. My nanny was objectively scarier. The elves have seen worse. Tora,” gesturing behind him. “Has bedded worse and bragged about it.”
(8:40:11 PM) Miali: Miali scoops up the weapons as the bullywug flops over foaming at the mouth and twitching, gauging the layout. Can she set a faerie fire to target the hag?
(8:40:16 PM) Shirin: “And you really just don’t //want// to eat the short one. Seriously, this kid tries to eat manticore, I don’t know what he’s got rattling around in there.”
(8:40:33 PM) *Tora blinks. HOW DOES HE KNOW.
(8:40:46 PM) Sanaz left the room (quit: Client exited).
(8:41:03 PM) Konstantin: “And if you’re truly got some inkling thought in that mucky head that you’re going to eat me.” He opens his mouth and lets his fangs pop. “I’m not sure you’ll quite like that avenue, ‘dearie.’”
(8:41:16 PM) Sanaz [Sanaz@MagicStar-61C1A1A2.washdc.fios.verizon.net] entered the room.
(8:41:31 PM) Shirin: Shirin feels very strangely proud right now.
(8:42:40 PM) Shirin: The smug could probably be tracked via air.
(8:43:38 PM) Miali: Faint violet light suddenly engulfs the hag, outlining her as Miali ducks into cover. “Weapons, free!”
(8:44:32 PM) Shirin: “Right back.” MAD DASH FOR HER BOW.
(8:45:26 PM) Logos: Three bullywugs scramble to try and cut Miali and the weapons off from the rest of the group as the Hag screams in rage, attempting to hide herself – even though the corona of violet light clearly marks her outline as she moves.
(8:47:10 PM) *Tora chants, trying to get away from the weird feeling that Konstantin knows his secret…and forms a trio of scale-shaped darts of red-orange light, throwing them the hag’s way
(8:47:16 PM) Shirin: Getting past the bullywugs is a little…harder than she’d anticipated, but she ends up rolling into grabbing her bow and quiver, coming up and nocking an arrow to fire almost immediately.
(8:48:00 PM) *Sanaz murmurs under his breath and flings his hand out, flinging a bolt of bluish-white light at one of the bullywugs trying to cut Miali off (preferably the biggest, meanest-looking one of the three of them, but he’s not picky)
(8:48:18 PM) Konstantin: “And thank you, by the way, for falling for the oldest trick in history!” He doesn’t even care, he will stomp through the bullywogs and get his sword and board back. Dealing with lower orders of undead or things that are mistaken for him always ruined his mood.
(8:51:29 PM) Logos: The Hag howls in pain as the burning rays of light blister her skin, and Sanaz’s bolt explodes into the back of one of the bullywugs, clearing the way for Konstantine to press through and grab his arms.
(8:54:00 PM) Shirin: Shirin murmurs under her breath, focusing on the Hag. She had her prey…and there would be no escape. “< Eagle guide my eyes…>”
(9:01:19 PM) *Sanaz moves quickly, towards Shirin, Konstantin, and Miali, grasping the crystal around his neck, and murmurs under his breath. “< Glories, grant them an echo of your light…”>
(9:04:52 PM) *Tora , palming a diamond from his pocket, chants once more as lightning encircles it in a ball, before firing the ball, once more at the hag. Hag is now going to be electrocuted, hopefully…
(9:08:04 PM) Logos: The Hag screams one more time and reappears, crumpling to the ground as her skin begins to smoke and bubble.
(9:10:07 PM) Shirin: Shirin draws another arrow and stares down the bullywugs. “Are we //done//?”
(9:10:35 PM) Logos: There’s a rustling in the trees to Shirin’s left, followed by the two bullywugs that the Hag had sent out to check on Miali’s illusion as they’re thrown against the concrete bunker. An enormous, deerlike creature with white fur and an impressive rack pushes its way through the trees and scraps is hoof against the ground, as though daring them to get up again.
(9:10:59 PM) Shirin: …Well.
(9:11:08 PM) Shirin: That’d be the stag.
(9:11:20 PM) Konstantin: “Right, so. Your leader’s dead. Care to surrender?” He kind of shrugs, brandishing the sword as an extension of his bodily motion and thus how little of a shit he cares.
(9:11:43 PM) Sanaz left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
(9:11:52 PM) Tora: “Uwaaa…is that the deer you warned me about, Shirin?”
(9:12:27 PM) Shirin: “Don’t attack it and for the love of whatever gods humans worship right now don’t just //stare// at it.”
(9:12:30 PM) Sanaz [Sanaz@MagicStar-61C1A1A2.washdc.fios.verizon.net] entered the room.
(9:13:01 PM) *Miali levels her rapier at the bullywugs, eyes narrowed, moving to interpose Konstantin between herself and the aggressive interlopers some. “Suggestion, run.”
(9:13:24 PM) *Tora quickly averts his head
(9:16:29 PM) Logos: The bullywugs ribbit at each other nervously for a moment, and then run.
(9:17:24 PM) *Miali sheaths her blade to avoid appearing hostile to the ragealope.
(9:17:51 PM) Shirin: Shirin takes a slow breath, and murmurs, very quietly. “…Konstantin, Miali. Back away from him, slowly as you can, and try not to make eye contact.”
(9:17:53 PM) *Tora is now putting his hands in his pockets and avoiding eye contact with the ragelope
(9:18:37 PM) Shirin: “Hands out where they can be seen, Tora.”
(9:19:05 PM) *Sanaz is not making eye contact with the stag and has his hands where they are visible.
(9:19:15 PM) Tora: “Gah!” He returns to his “don’t shoot me” position
(9:19:21 PM) Shirin: She doesn’t look it in the eye, but she steps into it’s field of view…and ducks her head low, eyes only trained up enough to see the stags reaction.
(9:20:14 PM) *Miali steps back some, letting Shirin handle it.
(9:22:10 PM) Logos: The stag turns and looks at Shirin, its head tilted to the side.
(9:22:13 PM) *Konstantin sheathes his sword and backs away slowly, as he was asked.
(9:24:01 PM) Shirin: “< …We’re not threat to your herd, pretty one.>” She looks back up, carefully, and cautiously takes a step forward, one hand held out for inspection. “< We are not hunting prey.”
(9:24:40 PM) Logos: He sniffs Shirin’s hand for a moment and then steps closer, bumping his nose lightly against her forehead.
(9:25:39 PM) Shirin: “Oh…” She chuckles a little on reflex-that tickles, but at least he didn’t go for the ears. “Friendly, huh…?”
(9:26:18 PM) Shirin: “…If you hold out a hand to let him sniff, he won’t hurt you.”
(9:26:35 PM) Tora: “can we stop not-looking yet?” his neck was getting a bit stiff.
(9:26:47 PM) Shirin: It may be the first time many of them have seen Shirin look relaxed and…happy?
(9:27:04 PM) Shirin: “Just don’t make prolonged eye-contact. It’d be rude.”
(9:27:06 PM) Logos: The stag takes up a position next to Shirin, standing stoically as it watches the rest of her herd.
(9:27:21 PM) Shirin: …Wait.
(9:27:22 PM) Shirin: …
(9:27:29 PM) Shirin: Oh god the scientists were going to throw a //fit//.
(9:27:37 PM) Konstantin: “I will pass. Animals and I tend not to get along.” With a few exceptions! Comes with the territory.
(9:28:10 PM) *Tora looks over at the stag finally, before quickly turning his head away again. It looked pretty!
(9:28:14 PM) Sanaz: He’s glad to see his sister relaxed and happy, even if this is an…odd circumstance for it.
(9:28:17 PM) Shirin: “< Dunno, the camels thought your father was a //fantastic// toy.>”
(9:28:38 PM) *Sanaz holds his hand out for the stag to sniff, carefully.
(9:29:15 PM) Shirin: She glances up at the stag. “< …So you intend to stay with me, then?>”
(9:29:42 PM) Shirin: “< I may finally beat out my brother in causing the priesthood to tear their hair out if you do.>”
(9:29:52 PM) Shirin: She knows damn well Sanaz can hear her.
(9:30:22 PM) Logos: The stag nods.
(9:30:31 PM) Shirin: Welp.
(9:31:16 PM) Shirin: “…I don’t suppose you have a preference for a name? Or shall we figure it out as we go? We //do// need to find out if the director’s still aliv-right, the hag!”
(9:31:21 PM) Sanaz left the room (quit: Client exited).
(9:31:25 PM) Sanaz [Sanaz@MagicStar-61C1A1A2.washdc.fios.verizon.net] entered the room.
(9:32:15 PM) Shirin: Going to casually walk over to wherever the hag was arrowed to the ground. “Hey, dearie, I’m gonna need some questions answered.”
(9:32:20 PM) Tora: “…wait, you’re naming the deer? I thought we were supposed to avoid them?” Tora has that surprised look again
(9:32:54 PM) Shirin: “…I’ll explain in more detail later, but he’s staying with me.”
(9:33:02 PM) Tora: jaw drops
(9:33:06 PM) Shirin: "So you may want to introduce yourselves.
(9:33:06 PM) Logos: The hag was currently trying to get to her feet. The stag walks over and casually puts one hoof against her throat, pushing her back down. “..I’m not answering any of your questions, elf.”
(9:33:41 PM) *Sanaz rolls his eyes at Shirin’s muttering. It’ll take a bit more than that to beat him out in making the priesthood angry, sister.
(9:33:42 PM) Shirin: “Really? You want to. I’m //way// nicer than Konstantin’s gonna be, you’ve pissed him //right// off.”
(9:34:02 PM) Shirin: A sacred white stag is a pretty good start.
(9:34:03 PM) *Miali smiles and makes her way over to the hag. “Offer: Questions, answered; or, body, dissected; blood, drained. Sale value, high. Gnome, clever businessman.”
(9:35:05 PM) Tora: “Tall angry green lady, I think you should probably answer the questions? They…don’t have much patience you know.”
(9:35:09 PM) Sanaz: A very good start, but they’d find a way to spin it to their advantage.
(9:35:36 PM) *Sanaz just aims a firebolt at the *water
surrounding the hag’s feet. Brief, enough to heat up the water to boiling.
(9:35:42 PM) Shirin: Too bad Stag didn’t fall under the priest’s jurisdiction.
(9:35:43 PM) Shirin: …
(9:35:47 PM) Shirin: Just their mother’s.
(9:35:54 PM) Shirin: Maybe she preferred the priests.
(9:36:39 PM) Logos: The Hag spits. “Very well, ask you smooth-skinned bitch”
(9:37:37 PM) Shirin: “You noticed! I’m flattered.” She rolls her eyes. “Three things. What’s in the lower vaults, what’s happened to Dr. Masud, and //what//-” she picks up the crystal…thing the hag had held earlier. “Is this?”
(9:37:53 PM) Konstantin: “Language. I can still mount your head on a tree branch.”
(9:38:26 PM) Sanaz: Don’t worry, sister, mother was going to kill him first.
(9:38:29 PM) Sanaz: That would give you time to run.
(9:38:50 PM) Shirin: Your sacrifice shall be remembered.
(9:39:09 PM) Tora: “…I told you they don’t have much patience…” Tora grimaces awkwardly
(9:40:10 PM) Logos: “Dr. Masud died months ago when I replaced him. As for what’s in the vault – why not open it and find out for yourself? My job was just to wreck the place and get inside it.” the Hag snarls. “That sphere is how I communicated with my employer”
(9:40:57 PM) Shirin: “Annnd who’s your employer?”
(9:42:55 PM) Logos: The Hag’s eyes go blank and she smiles up at Shirin. “That would be telling~” the voice isn’t her own, however. It’s a masculine voice, deeper than the Hags and more melodic. Then, her head explodes.
(9:43:15 PM) Shirin: …Oh god, and she’s right in the blast zone.
(9:43:17 PM) Shirin: This is gross.
(9:43:34 PM) Logos: The stag looks a little grossed out.
(9:43:38 PM) Shirin: “…Covered in hag brain was one thing I wasn’t planning on being today.”
(9:43:55 PM) Shirin: She’ll just…go over to the swamp water and start trying to clean things up.
(9:44:30 PM) Shirin: "…We need to get to the maintenance shaft still. Do any of you want to break into the vault to see what’s there, or assume we’ll get answers from the directors here?
(9:44:48 PM) Konstantin: “…Well, saves me the trouble of decapitating her.”
(9:46:33 PM) Shirin: “I would have liked your way better,” Shirin notes dryly.
(9:48:36 PM) Sanaz: “…I wouldn’t assume that we would get any answers.” Given the track record of finding anything else out useful so far…
(9:49:17 PM) Logos: It is true, as far as Sanaz and Shirin know, that most EDEN facilities do not have secure underground vaults.
(9:49:23 PM) Shirin: “One vote for adding breaking and entering to the agenda.”
(9:50:26 PM) Shirin: She stands up, looks over the stag, and hums. “…Kir?”
(9:50:34 PM) Tora: “Well, it sounds like we could get in? Should we do this before or after getting the maintenance shaft dealt with?”
(9:50:52 PM) *Miali wipes herself clean. Ech.
(9:51:01 PM) Shirin: “It’d probably be about in the same direction anyway.”
(9:51:22 PM) Shirin: “I can’t think where else an access point would be that wouldn’t be noticed by the scientists.”
(9:52:00 PM) Logos: The stag nods its head and bumps Shirin slightly. Kir seems to work.
(9:52:06 PM) Tora: “Well, okay then? I guess I can go for that?”
(9:52:46 PM) Shirin: “…I should be clear.”
(9:53:02 PM) Shirin: “We’re not planning on taking whatever’s in there.”
(9:53:17 PM) Shirin: “I mean, this isn’t directed at anyone specifically.”
(9:53:36 PM) Tora: “Oh, okay! I have no problem seeing what’s in there.”
(9:54:05 PM) Konstantin: “Really, what could have been so important she was trying to take hostages?”
(9:56:10 PM) Tora: “…treasure?”
(9:56:38 PM) Shirin: “…Given where we are? Could be anything. Dead god, ancient artifact of untold power, a sword in an anvil one of us will accidentally pull out and claim the divine right of kings-probably you, you’ve got the pants for it.” Gesturing at Konstantin. “Or seeds.”
(9:56:45 PM) Miali: “Importance adequate, remove kill, hide involvement.”
(9:57:20 PM) Shirin: Shirin bounces the crystal. “What do we do with this? Don’t want to leave it, but I’d rather we not be watched through it.”
(9:57:36 PM) Konstantin: “Break it.”
(9:57:43 PM) Konstantin: “We’ve no use for it.”
(9:58:14 PM) Miali: “Salable, possibly? Reworkable, sever link?”
(9:59:58 PM) Tora: “I…don’t know how you’d do that though. I mean, I don’t see anything to cut, Miali.”
(10:00:21 PM) Shirin: Break it seems safer."
(10:01:12 PM) *Miali frowns, holding out her hand. “Can stomp it, later, if solution impossible. Location, today, known; range, limited..”
(10:02:55 PM) Konstantin: “I’m not sure that’s prudent, but… If you think you can turn it to our advantage.”
(10:03:19 PM) Sanaz: “…put it /in/ something for now, preferably opaque?”
(10:03:24 PM) Shirin: She tosses it over to Miali, then.
(10:03:35 PM) Shirin: “It’s yours for now, then.”
(10:04:12 PM) *Miali shrugs. “Without attempt, can’t know.” She catches the crystal, sticking it in the center of her bedroll and restashing it.
(10:05:36 PM) Shirin: “Well then. Shall we find that shaft and get right down it?”
(10:08:47 PM) Logos: The shaft is inside the concrete bunker where you found the Hag – it’s narrow enough that you have to climb down the metal ladder one at a time to reach the mesh catwalk below. The tunnel is dark, and the catwalk runs underneath clusters of piping and cables that carry vital materials and magical energy throughout the facility. The only lighting comes from dim red bulbs which leave Tora all but blind.
(10:09:26 PM) *Tora chants a light spell on his dagger, having it shine magical light as well
(10:10:00 PM) *Miali advances some to stay out of the light, better to stay hidden.
(10:10:01 PM) Logos: Signs printed in elvish on the walls indicate that the left-hand passage leads to a “Restricted Area – Access by order of the Queens only”, making use of the rarely used plural of Queen, while the right-hand passage leads to the central core.
(10:10:19 PM) Shirin: “…”
(10:10:22 PM) Shirin: “So.”
(10:10:32 PM) Shirin: “Who’s up for treason tonight?”
(10:10:50 PM) Shirin: This was…a little less what she was willing to do.
(10:11:00 PM) Tora: “I…uh…”
(10:11:06 PM) Shirin: If how her ears just drooped is anything to go by.
(10:12:30 PM) Sanaz: …yeah, he’s not exactly happy with that idea either.
(10:12:50 PM) Miali: “Pass, barring necessity.”
(10:13:15 PM) Shirin: “…To the right, then.”
(10:13:16 PM) Tora: “…I’m sorry. Maybe given the fact that someone’s tried to force us to break in, that’d give us a right to ask the queen what’s in this vault?”
(10:13:51 PM) Miali: “Protecting vault, ownership of vault, no correlation.”
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(10:17:46 PM) Tora: “It’s not the same, but…”
(10:17:47 PM) Shirin: “My job is to get them access into the capital. Hard to do when we’ve gone and done this.”
(10:18:24 PM) Tora: “I mean, we may be asked to deal with this problem some more, and it’d kind of be nice to know what’s at stake? Maybe?”
(10:19:22 PM) Tora: “But…no point in breaking in, no.”
(10:19:38 PM) Konstantin: “It doesn’t seem prudent, no.”
(10:25:24 PM) Shirin: Well then. Down the non-treasony passageway to the core goes this elf.
(10:25:37 PM) Tora: Non-treasony passageway it is
(10:26:13 PM) Konstantin: I enjoy obeying laws!
(10:26:36 PM) Miali: also, not yet able to pick locks
(10:26:39 PM) Sanaz: He’s not very good at laws, but he also enjoys living.
(10:26:55 PM) Sanaz: And treason usually carries with it the death penalty.
(10:27:21 PM) Logos: The path widens as the group heads toward the central core, eventually opening into a large, hectagonal room. Several display consoles are arranged around the core itself, a crystilline structure that seems to be part tree, part generator and part glowing blue crystal. There are a few dead elves scattered on the floor – it looks like the hag cleared them out before she went back upstairs to wait for someone with authorization to a
(10:27:22 PM) Logos: ccess the the vault.
(10:27:50 PM) Shirin: …Well, that looks bad.
(10:28:13 PM) *Miali frowns some.
(10:28:24 PM) *Tora blinks. “That…can’t be good.”
(10:28:38 PM) *Shirin kneels by one of the elves, looking for something to bring back as identification.
(10:32:38 PM) Logos: All of the elves are carrying ID badges – including the central maintenance officer and, it appears, the original Dr. Masud, both of whose badges are needed to reboot the generator.
(10:36:06 PM) Shirin: Well, that does make it easier. She’ll get the badges off them…and make sure they’re at least turned up right. No need to leave them face-down. “Sanaz, help me with the cards.”
(10:36:45 PM) Sanaz: “Understood,” he says, and comes to help her with them.
(10:38:32 PM) Tora: Tora looks up, staring at the glowy blue crystal.
(10:39:26 PM) Konstantin: “So…”
(10:39:37 PM) Konstantin: “…We really are no closer to finding Masud, are we?”
(10:40:10 PM) Miali: “Masud, found. Find value, negative.”
(10:40:30 PM) Konstantin: “No known survivors, then…”
(10:40:56 PM) Logos: Fortunately, the interface is farily user friendly, and within moments, 19-C’s voice is coming over the intercomm “Good work! It looks like the system is fully restored and operational, so we’re purging the unknown biologicals and the rest of the survivors are regrouping in the main chamber. We owe you a great debt”
(10:41:04 PM) Tora: “Well, we at least dealt with the attacker? …before her…its head exploded, anyway.”
(10:41:37 PM) Konstantin: “…” he’s not saying it.
(10:41:46 PM) Konstantin: He’s trying not to think it.
(10:42:45 PM) Shirin: “That’s Masud right there.”
(10:42:56 PM) Shirin: Pointing at one of the bodies.
(10:43:08 PM) Shirin: “I’m sorry, 19-C. There’s…much we’ll need to discuss.”
(10:43:35 PM) Shirin: She scrubs at her face. “…Main chamber, then?”
(10:43:47 PM) Shirin: “And then maybe a bath and booze and a shitton of answers?”
(10:43:50 PM) Logos: “…I see. Tell me, is the vault secure? Dr. Masud was very clear with me when I started here that it was not to be opened for any reason”
(10:44:07 PM) Shirin: “It is. What killed him…could not access it.”
(10:44:08 PM) Konstantin: “I’ve the strangest feeling our work’s not yet done. And to the best of our knowledge it has not been opened.”
(10:44:26 PM) Shirin: “I would rather not discuss further over the intercom.”
(10:44:42 PM) Shirin: “< Let me dream, Konstantin. Let me dream.>”
(10:45:24 PM) *Tora looks to the floor with that sinking feeling of not really having won.
(10:48:33 PM) Logos: Getting back to the main chamber is surprisingly easy now that most of the dangerous intruders have been slaughtered or driven off and the dangerous locals have been corraled – the number of survivors waiting in the main chamber is depressingly small, and 19-C quickly makes his way through the crowd to find the group once they emerge from the dome access. He stands there awkwardly for a minute, rather at a loss for what to say.
(10:49:34 PM) Shirin: The large white maned stag likely doesn’t help.
(10:49:41 PM) Shirin: “…I’m sorry.”
(10:49:52 PM) Shirin: “If what she said is true…he’s been dead for months.”
(10:52:12 PM) Logos: “I…had my suspicions. Dr. Masud used to be a very kind man, as such things go. He considered me a confidant rather than a piece of furniture,”
(10:52:46 PM) Konstantin: “What worries me, is that it seems this was only part of a larger plan…”
(10:54:15 PM) Shirin: …Awkwardly putting a hand on 19-C’s shoulders. “< Your mourning speaks volumes of the kind of man he was. We are…poorer, for his loss. The Stag will surely guide him home.>”
(10:54:48 PM) Shirin: “But,” She pauses. "…Konstantin is right. The queens must be informed of what happened here…as soon as is possible.
(10:55:18 PM) Tora: “is this going to be before or after we request entry to the tower?”
(10:55:24 PM) Shirin: “And I will…need to speak with those in charge of the specimens here, in his loss.” Clearing her throat.
(10:55:46 PM) Shirin: “…If I had my way we’d forget about the tower, but we can discuss //that// after we’ve rested.”
(10:57:15 PM) Sanaz: There is a lot of discussion to be had, for certain. He doesn’t entirely know what is going on, still a bit lost, and he’s certain his sister will kill him if he just tries to…slip away quietly in the dead of night.
(10:57:46 PM) Logos: “I will make any arrangements necessary to get you access to the tower. For now, I recommend that you return to your lodging and recuperate. I will be in touch,”
(10:58:17 PM) Shirin: “< Don’t even think about it, Sanaz.>”
(10:58:48 PM) Tora: “Bed sounds nice after this.” …Tora plans to swipe more paper from Oryn’s cart. He’s tired, but it felt right to give another letter at this juncture. …even if he didn’t have any treasure to send back this time.
(10:59:06 PM) Sanaz: “< I was not seriously considering the possibility.>”
(10:59:18 PM) Logos: “Ahhh, about that…”
(10:59:32 PM) Konstantin: “Yes?”
(10:59:35 PM) *Tora blinks. “About what?”
(10:59:36 PM) Logos: “I am authorized to provide compensation, at contractor rates”
(11:00:18 PM) Konstantin: “Ah, first bit of good news all day.”
(11:00:24 PM) Shirin: “It would be most appreciated.”
(11:00:37 PM) Tora: “Oooooh.”
(11:00:43 PM) Sanaz: …and he realizes just then that since the real Doctor Masud has been unfortunately dead for weeks, the imposter had signed his contract
(11:00:51 PM) Sanaz: …which meant it was null and void.
(11:01:10 PM) Sanaz: …quiet exhaling of breath.
(11:01:53 PM) Shirin: “< Oryn is rich, you know.>”
(11:02:06 PM) Shirin: “< And I get paid a decent amount for being a Guide.>”
(11:05:07 PM) *Sanaz just gives his sister a look. He knows what she means. “< Some of those scientists had no idea what ’don’t touch the dancer’ meant. And I couldn’t stab them more than a little.”>
(11:05:35 PM) Shirin: “< I promise you, there won’t be those problems with this lot.>”
(11:06:24 PM) Shirin: “< …I think you’re only Oryn’s type anyway and I don’t think he can //reach//.>”
(11:07:02 PM) Konstantin: “< Gnomes are clever.>”
(11:07:06 PM) Sanaz: “< A refreshing change. And I should hope not – I don’t fancy gnomes in that way, anyway.”>
(11:09:21 PM) Logos: "I’ll have your payment cashed in an assortment of magical items, currency and portable goods and delivered to your lodgings.
(11:09:42 PM) Tora: “That…sounds convenient?”
(11:10:07 PM) Shirin: “Thank you.” She bows properly, and looks over at Kir. “…I suppose I might as well inform you but this one is, ah.”
(11:10:37 PM) Shirin: “He has indicated that he is to be my companion.” Most guides had companions. They were not usually stag.
(11:10:44 PM) Shirin: Almost never, in fact.
(11:10:52 PM) Logos: “…I see.”
(11:11:09 PM) Shirin: “…I’m very sorry for the inconvenience?”
(11:11:19 PM) Logos: “Well, I recommend you leave before someone who will actually get angry about that notices. I’ll make sure the paperwork is filed correctly with the home office,”
(11:11:51 PM) Shirin: “Thank you. I’m…fairly certain the inn has a stable.” She motions to Kir. “Come on, the world is about to get a lot stranger for both of us.”
(11:12:52 PM) Logos: Kir chuffs and allows Shirin to lead him away.
(11:13:04 PM) Shirin: …And then she murmurs, far more quietly and in elven, something in the stag’s ear. Something about being nice to the prince? Niceish. Nice-esque.
(11:13:17 PM) Shirin: Also, earscritches.
(11:16:31 PM) *Tora tries petting the stag. He looked fluffy and pettable
(11:18:46 PM) *Konstantin eyes the stag warily.


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