Risk Chronicles

Session 9

In which frogs.

(6:48:30 PM) Logos: As it turns out, the Elves didn’t cut a very good path from the lake up to the safe spot that Shirin saw at the top of the hill, and the dense foliage required Shirin to hack it away with her scimitar – and Tora somewhat less effectively with his dagger. Ever-so-often, a sound emerged from the forest – a broken branch or rustling leaves
(6:48:54 PM) Logos: usually, it’s a squirrel or a small bird, but it’s certainly enough to remind Our Heroes that the minotaur is still somewhere out there, tracking them.
(6:49:30 PM) Oryn: Oryn has the energy of a spell prepared, ready to loose a Cloud of Daggers into the path of the minotaur should it charge.
(6:50:25 PM) Shirin: She hated minotaurs. She hated minotaurs a great deal. Give her a pack of wolves, any day, they could be //reasoned// with. After about the third rustle, Shirin started setting snares along the path behind them. Nothing deadly, but certainly enough to slow down or confuse most predators. She hoped.
(6:52:48 PM) Tora: Tora…struggles to hack through the damned foliage. Having only a dagger isn’t exactly conducive to getting rid of trees, and he was certain setting some of it ablaze would get him killed in short order
(6:53:23 PM) Shirin: “Don’t even think about it.”
(6:55:08 PM) Tora: ‘I didn’t even say anything!"
(6:55:38 PM) Oryn: "Your eyes are screaming “fire good, tree bad” though."
(6:58:18 PM) Logos: The sound of a powerful, bestial bellow about twenty feet back as the minotaur pushes its way onto the path Shirin had cleared brings a swift conclusion to the conversation.
(6:58:52 PM) Shirin: “…Everybody up a tree, //now//!”
(7:00:06 PM) *Miali bolts to climb one.
(7:00:22 PM) Sanaz: …things he thankfully hasn’t forgotten how to do (because muscle memory is a thing): climb a tree.
(7:00:57 PM) Shirin: Shirin will grab the researcher Konstantin had been carrying while she heads up a tree.
(7:01:02 PM) Shirin: “Tora, grab Oryn!”
(7:04:46 PM) *Tora , noticing some people not getting up the trees as far as Shirin’s order goes, grabs one of those potions that they looted from the displacer beast’s lair way back then, drinking it and moving to get between the minotaur’s seeming path and the rest of the party who hasn’t gotten in a tree yet
(7:05:00 PM) Logos: The trees are sturdy, but exceptionally dense – even the most nimble elves would have a hard time squeezing up the branches, and Shirin, Sanaz and Miali only make it to the lowest branches. Konstantin briefly transforms into a vaprorous mist and reappears next to Shirin seconds before the minotaur charges…
(7:05:19 PM) Oryn: Oryn’s focus-glove surges with nearly-invisible force and he casts a cloud of whirling blades like shards of glass in the Minotaur’s charging path, to try and deter it or hurt it at least.
(7:11:29 PM) Logos: The creature’s hide is pierced by Shriin’s sharpened wooden stakes and Oryn’s magically created daggers as it charges toward the group. With Tora left as its only target, it hits him right as he finishes the cooly metallic tasting potion and – rather than goring him – its horns…barely scrape his skin.
(7:12:08 PM) *Tora is knocked off-balance, surprised that the potion was THAT effective
(7:13:45 PM) Shirin: Shirin wastes no time, firing for the creature’s eyes.
(7:14:14 PM) Logos: The creature howls in pain as Shirin’s arrow hits its mark, blinding it in one eye.
(7:14:36 PM) Tora: Tora, using the sudden impact, lunges his dagger forth, trying to get the knife into some vitals of the minotaur
(7:14:41 PM) Oryn: Oryn jumps as poor Tora is bowled over, readying another spell, black flame wreathing his fingertips. “Now you just sit down, beefsteak!”
(7:19:41 PM) *Sanaz murmurs under his breath and gestures, flinging a sharp beam of blue-white light, ice distilled down, at the minotaur.
(7:20:09 PM) Konstantin: And for good measure, Konstantin looses a Javelin; turns out the bastard has an arm like a cannon.
(7:22:00 PM) *Miali invokes a semi-familiar spell, attempting to put the minotaur to sleep.
(7:22:17 PM) Logos: The creature staggers back under Our Heroes’ onslaught, and then falls over and starts snoring lightly.
(7:23:18 PM) *Miali sighs in relief, slowly climbing down. “Hopefully, alone…”
(7:23:23 PM) Shirin: “….He’s not gonna be happy when he wakes up. I suggest we not be here anymore.”
(7:23:52 PM) Tora: “It tracked us down before.”
(7:24:34 PM) Oryn: Oryn smiles approvingly at Miali. “Excellent.” He looks at Tora. “It takes a considerable amount of time or effort to wake someone from sleeping magic. There are reasons there are versions of that spell that literally last forever. Save something pesky like true love’s kiss, that seems to cure everything.”
(7:24:59 PM) Oryn: He looks down at the minotaur, sighing. “A pity, what a pity. I don’t have time to draw a picture. Or collect the horns, those are worth something you know.”
(7:25:21 PM) Miali: “Alternate option?” She glances to the others. “Tie up, slit throat, leave bleeding.”
(7:25:22 PM) Shirin: “I’d wager a bet it just wants us out of it’s territory.”
(7:26:01 PM) Tora: “We don’t know where the guys we’re looking for are at, and for all we know they may be further in its territory.”
(7:26:33 PM) Konstantin: “It wouldn’t show us any mercy, were our positions reversed….”
(7:26:58 PM) Oryn: “This is a nature preserve, I don’t think EDEN would like us slaughtering all of their specimins.”
(7:27:37 PM) *Tora looks to Sanaz. “I think there may be an exception for when they’re slaughtering people inside.”
(7:28:57 PM) Tora: “Let’s just tie it up for now.”
(7:29:02 PM) Shirin: Shirin hops down out of the tree. “…Of course not. Mercy isn’t the way of the Hunter.” She sighs, deeply. “I won’t stop you. But if you want this done, you’ll be the one doing it.”
(7:30:16 PM) Oryn: Oryn crosses his arms. “I gain nothing through its death. When it was attacking killing it was a bargain, now that it’s helpless I won’t have its blood on my hands. Let’s just get to resetting security and stop wasting time on this.”
(7:31:55 PM) Shirin: “…Wait what am I saying it’s a goddamn minotaur.”
(7:32:15 PM) Shirin: “Kill it, it’s a fucking cultist.”
(7:32:43 PM) Oryn: “Oh. Well then yes, death to it and then let’s move on, we’ve tarried long enough. Time is gold!”
(7:32:58 PM) Tora: “Wait what? …” blink. gritting his teeth, he chants once more, firing an electrical orb at it from point-blank range
(7:33:08 PM) *Sanaz carefully tries to make his way down from the tree. “…it made its choice.” And it can live, or rather die, with it.
(7:33:20 PM) *Miali pulls her blade out, driving it into the thing’s spine.
(7:33:53 PM) Shirin: “Right. Now, we’ve got a scientist to find.”
(7:38:01 PM) Oryn: “And some magical machinery to kick start!”
(7:38:01 PM) Oryn: And some gratitude to harvest, though he doesn’t say that part out loud.
(7:38:01 PM) Logos: It doesn’t take long for the group to reach the clearing up ahead. It appears, however, that the clearing has already been occupied – a number of elves in the blue and red uniforms of EDEN scientists have set up large wooden barricades around the clearing and are, presently, pointing bows at Our Heroes as they approach.
(7:38:08 PM) *Tora stops and puts his hands up, with an expression that cries “DON’T SHOOT ME SHIRIN’S BEEN IMPLICITLY THREATENING TO DO IT”
(7:40:24 PM) Oryn: “HO FRIENDS! We’ve come to help! We’re looking for a way down to maintenance, mind pointing us in the right direction?”
(7:40:24 PM) Shirin: She holds her hands up, clearly visible. “< Do not shoot. We’re trying to locate Dr. Masud.>”
(7:40:55 PM) Tora: “Oryn stop talking they are ready to shoot us!”
(7:43:02 PM) *Sanaz definitely has his hands where they are visible.
(7:43:49 PM) *Miali also has her hands visible, frowning.
(7:43:55 PM) Logos: It takes a moment for the elves to register the presence of an Elven Guide and stand down. “Sorry, we thought you were more of those monsters.” one of the elves, a stern-faced woman in blue robes, opens a small section of the barricade “Hurry up and get inside”
(7:44:03 PM) Oryn: Oryn has his hands up and his index fingers tucked under his thumbs, Wizard universal sign for ‘I have magic but I won’t twiddle death at you with them.’
(7:44:30 PM) Oryn: And bustle inside, bustlebustle.
(7:45:25 PM) Shirin: Inside they go. “It’s understandable. A minotaur attacked us on the way here. It’s dead now, but.”
(7:45:33 PM) Konstantin: Really he should have said something, but sometimes it’s hard to react to normal people threatening you. “Thank you.”
(7:46:25 PM) *Sanaz inclines his head in acknowledgement.
(7:47:21 PM) *Tora nods, quickly getting into the barricade
(7:47:23 PM) Logos: “We’re not sure where they’ve come from – Blighted plants, minotaurs. Let me get a team to tend to your wounded and we’ll see what I can find out about Director Masud”
(7:48:11 PM) Tora: “Also a manticore. It’s delicious.”
(7:48:43 PM) Oryn: “Wait, so you didn’t put these things in your dome?”
(7:48:49 PM) Shirin: “We appreciate it.” She sighs, deeply, and finds a place to sit while they wait. “< …Not exactly the reunion I pictured after 50 years, brother. >”
(7:49:18 PM) Oryn: Oryn raises an eyebrow and crosses his arms. “I assumed since this is the dangerous critters wing they were your monsters to study. They’re not supposed to be here?”
(7:50:14 PM) Logos: “We only study dangerous, natural creatures – owlbears, lions, maned deer. Supernatural creatures are outside our purview”
(7:51:05 PM) Shirin: “It sounds like sabotage. Does EDEN have that many enemies here?”
(7:51:07 PM) Oryn: …In what plane were owlbears natural!? “Ah-hah, I see. So someone smuggled them in.” He looks around at the state of emergency. “Or bashed them in at any rate. Unwanted stock spoils the whole shipment!”
(7:52:02 PM) Sanaz: “< …not in the least.>” he sighs. Though he hadn’t really actually /had/ an idea of what reuniting with his favorite sibling after so long would have been like. He’d been expecting another few decades before the inevitable happened. …and ah, /wonderful/. Unexplained supernatural monsters.
(7:52:30 PM) Logos: “We’ve always enjoyed good relations with the local power structure. I don’t think this attack is local – the Veined Lords dislike powerful wizards, and whomever staged this attack teleported their forces in through our screens”
(7:53:10 PM) Tora: “…what about that guy who was talking to the bandit lord we got rid of?”
(7:53:33 PM) Tora: “He was like one of those same-looking guys here…”
(7:54:09 PM) Logos: “Towerians? I hardly think so – they’re not even able to harm another living being,”
(7:54:24 PM) Shirin: “Well, one did stab us most happily.”
(7:54:39 PM) Logos: “That’s impossible”
(7:54:49 PM) Konstantin: “I assure you, it’s not.”
(7:55:27 PM) Tora: “He was reporting from someone to a guy named Rolt, it sounded like.”
(7:55:27 PM) Shirin: “Is it not?” She glances at the elf. “< I wouldn’t like to be thought of as a liar, ma’am. Not a good reputation for a Guide. >”
(7:56:24 PM) Logos: Several Elves in red robes have started touching the group, checking them for injuries and triaging the most badly harmed. The blue-clad elf-woman frowns “To my knowledge, Towerians are incapable of violence. They can’t even learn magic that could cause another harm, doing so causes them incredible pain”
(7:57:10 PM) Oryn: “Teleporting someone else’s assets in isn’t causing harm directly. Could that skirt some oath they’ve taken?”
(7:57:16 PM) Shirin: “Either this Towerian’s master found a loophole…or he enjoyed the pain.”
(7:57:46 PM) Shirin: Shirin glances at Oryn. “I don’t wish to blame the Towerians as a whole. But someone with one in their employ may be connected to this.”
(7:58:19 PM) Tora: “It’s kind of the only thing linking things here I can think of.”
(7:59:45 PM) Konstantin: “The loophole seems more likely. Possibly conditioning them to only recognize certain beings as valid for that pain response, or some kind of bizarre long view that allows violence for a greater good… Would it be possible?”
(8:00:26 PM) Logos: She nods. “The only way we’d be able to find out would be to look at the records of sale and training procedures, which are kept in the Tower, and to do that, we’re going to have to end this lockdown.” she speaks quietly to some of the other blue-clad elves, who reply quickly. “According to my scouts, Masud was last seen in the swamp biome”
(8:00:50 PM) Logos: “I would recommend against going to the swamp biome”
(8:01:26 PM) Tora: “What got in there?”
(8:02:48 PM) Logos: “I worked that section, before I was able to escape, whatever had been teleported in had released the mycosentients”
(8:03:06 PM) Oryn: “If profit was easy to get no one would die pursuing it.” Oryn grins roguishly, especially for a wizard. “We’ll just have to handle it. I do hope you’ll prepare a proper payment for all the work we’re doing, mind you.” He waggles his eyebrows at the elf.
(8:03:51 PM) Shirin: “…Unfortunately, 19-C was very insistent we find the Director. And we’ve business with him as well. So the swamp biome it is.”
(8:04:36 PM) Tora: “Mycosentients?”
(8:04:53 PM) Logos: A slender young elven boy in red robes grins at Miali as he offers her a small handful of grainy-looking green pills. Similar pills are handed out to the others. “Try these, they’re restoratives”
(8:05:29 PM) Shirin: “…” Welp. Might as well. Let’s pop the pill.
(8:05:32 PM) Logos: “Mobile fungus monsters,”
(8:05:40 PM) *Tora starts to bite down on the pill
(8:06:02 PM) Oryn: Oryn leans towards Miali and speaks Gnomish. “(So do your people age quickly or slowly? I have no idea if I’m looking at a child or not.)”
(8:07:09 PM) *Miali blinks. “(I’m not wholly certain myself.)” She takes the pill, looking over it and glancing to the others before taking it.
(8:07:39 PM) Konstantin: Putting weird things in your mouth? Kind of part of the mostly-undead experience! Down the pills go.
(8:07:42 PM) *Sanaz examines the pill before he eats it.
(8:08:35 PM) *Tora eats the rest of it, feeling oddly invigorated
(8:08:59 PM) Logos: “Well, if that’s the case, the swamp biome is just past this encampment, on the other side of the hill.”
(8:09:31 PM) Shirin: “Understood. And how might we restore the security systems, while we’re traipsing into dangerous areas anyway?”
(8:10:34 PM) Oryn: Oryn follows suit with his pill. This could be fun, or it could be like that time in Sandhill-by-the-Sea where he woke up in a pile of people in a similar state. That was NOT fun.
(8:11:10 PM) *Miali bloinks. “Impressive.”
(8:13:49 PM) Oryn: “Oooh, now that’s a pick me up. I feel like I could cast a dozen fireballs!”
(8:14:00 PM) Tora: "You can cast fireballs?
(8:15:46 PM) Shirin: “Please don’t cast fireballs.”
(8:16:17 PM) Oryn: “Don’t worry I can’t cast fireballs.” HE pauses. “Yet.”
(8:16:57 PM) Tora: “…you don’t really strike me as the kind of person to go for fireballs anyway.”
(8:18:51 PM) Oryn: “It is rather hard to salvage slag nowadays.” He nods sagely.
(8:19:34 PM) Shirin: …Shirin slowly just…puts her face in her hands. “< Stag preserve me. >”
(8:21:26 PM) Shirin: “< Why do I never get to guide anyone normal? The job before this was an //entire// gnomish acapella band //why do they keep giving me gnomes//. >”
(8:21:45 PM) *Sanaz glances at Shirin. “< …I was about to ask if this was normal for those people.”>
(8:21:55 PM) Shirin: “< YES. >”
(8:22:31 PM) *Tora takes a bit of the cooked, wrapped-up manticore out of his pack, eating some of it.
(8:22:49 PM) Shirin: “< The most normal one here is Konstantin, I swear to the Hunter. That one cooked a damned manticore!>” She gestures at Tora.
(8:23:02 PM) Shirin: “< What do they //teach// humans these days?>”
(8:24:39 PM) Sanaz: < “…he-”> facepalm. < “…I’m not certain.”>
(8:25:58 PM) Shirin: < “Wouldn’t you know better than I would?”>
(8:26:15 PM) Oryn: Oryn huffs. “One day I’ll learn this musical lilting you call talk you know.”
(8:28:21 PM) Konstantin: “It’s honestly not that difficult once you understand that the grammar is nothing like our own.” He offers helpfully.
(8:28:22 PM) Sanaz: “One day.” he says, evenly. < “I lived among humans, but that didn’t mean I paid attention to their education system.”>
(8:28:28 PM) *Tora tilts his head
(8:29:06 PM) Shirin: “And on that day, I’ll start speaking Sylvan.” She makes a face at Konstantin, but looks back to Sanaz. < “It’s still more than I have. What you learn from soldiers isn’t that applicable.”>
(8:29:57 PM) Konstantin: “For example, in common the phrase is ‘I love you’ but the Elves say < ‘I don’t understand how the supposedly most advanced civilization on the planet sleeps in trees.‘> which means roughly the same thing, but would be better translated as, ’my soul has found it’s pair for a hundred lifetimes.’ I think it’s rather poetic.”
(8:30:09 PM) Konstantin: He said all of that frighteningly deadpan.
(8:30:41 PM) Shirin: “< Konstantin, I’m going to kill you.>”
(8:31:48 PM) Tora: “Oh, wow. I didn’t know that. Sounds like a lot for a little in Common.”
(8:32:00 PM) Shirin: “< I slept in a tree //once//! Once!>”
(8:32:21 PM) Konstantin: “It’s a very florid, ornamental language, Tora.”
(8:32:45 PM) Shirin: < “STOP TELLING HIM LIES.”>
(8:32:48 PM) Sanaz: Ah, Shirin’s temper. This should be entertaining.
(8:33:13 PM) Logos: “I like sleeping in trees, but that’s beside the point. There’s a shaft that runs directly from the swamp biome to the maintenance area. It’s used for drainage”
(8:34:10 PM) Oryn: Oryn is just taking notes honestly.
(8:34:53 PM) Shirin: Well Shirin is making an attempt to catch Konstantin in a headlock, so if those notes include elven flirtation rituals.
(8:35:04 PM) Logos: “Once you’re in the maintenance area you’ll need to find the control keys – there are two of them. Dr. Masud has one, and the chief ecological engineer has the other,”
(8:35:32 PM) Shirin: “And where might we find the Chief ecological engineer?”
(8:35:42 PM) Oryn: “Too much to hope they might be here, yes?”
(8:36:03 PM) Logos: "They’re more than likely holed up in the maintenance area, if they’re still alive.
(8:36:14 PM) Tora: “How do we get there from the swamp?”
(8:36:29 PM) Logos: “….”
(8:36:34 PM) Logos: “Through the drainage shaft”
(8:37:12 PM) Tora: “…oh.” He was spacing out for a second watching the elven flirtation rituals
(8:39:26 PM) Shirin: She can headlock dhampir princes, she’s an adult. “Right. Anything else we should look out for?”
(8:39:26 PM) Oryn: “Drainage. Ugh.” He rubs his arms and shudders. “I hope this is worth it. I mean nothing is more important than your health.” HE pauses. “Except for your money.”
(8:39:48 PM) Shirin: “…Oryn.”
(8:39:55 PM) Logos: “Be careful of maned deer, they’re quite dangerous and some may have gotten into the swamp”
(8:40:10 PM) Tora: “If you don’t want to go, Oryn, you can probably stay here.”
(8:41:40 PM) Oryn: “I never said I wasn’t going. Honestly Tora, when have I displayed even the smallest hint of cowardice~?” He shoots him a look. “Don’t answer that.”
(8:41:41 PM) Shirin: “…Do you have a stag for the herd?” PLease say no, please say no.
(8:41:41 PM) Tora: “Well…”
(8:41:41 PM) Logos: “Yes, actually”
(8:41:41 PM) Shirin: “…Just one?”
(8:42:04 PM) Logos: “Yes. Transporting them was far too difficult to bring more”
(8:43:21 PM) Tora: “…is that better or worse than mushroom monsters?”
(8:43:21 PM) Shirin: “I’d imagine so.” She rubs at her face. “We can’t kill the stag. We can kill the mushroom monsters.”
(8:43:21 PM) Sanaz: …oh, /fantastic/. And he can imagine his sister’s screaming at this news, too.
(8:43:21 PM) Tora: “Oh.”
(8:44:16 PM) Shirin: “Stags are sacred, Tora. And also, maned deer are territorial, proud, and frighteningly intelligent.”
(8:44:25 PM) Shirin: “If we hurt them, they /will/ remember.”
(8:44:57 PM) Tora: “Okay, so we can’t zap them, got it…”
(8:45:33 PM) Oryn: “Well we don’t want the cervine mafia after us. They’re the worst of all mafias, you know.”
(8:45:58 PM) Shirin: “The good news is unlike minotaurs they’re not supernatural and evil. So just…let me handle it if we run into one.”
(8:47:17 PM) Shirin: She looks down at Oryn with a completely straight face. “So you’ve heard of it. Good, that means less explaining.”
(8:53:40 PM) Oryn: …Oryn tries not to sweat.
(8:55:25 PM) Miali: “So, drain pipe to swamp, spare deer, kill fungi.”
(8:55:49 PM) Tora: “And find Masud.”
(8:56:11 PM) Shirin: “Then drain pipe to maitnance, save day.”
(8:57:56 PM) Tora: “That sounds like the plan.”
(8:58:19 PM) Logos: “Very well, I’ll have someone move the barricade so you can continue on. Good luck”
(8:59:57 PM) Tora: “Thanks!”
(9:01:51 PM) Oryn: “Wonderful!”
(9:05:07 PM) Shirin: “Let’s get this show on the road.” One final noogie for the dhampir, and off we go.
(9:07:00 PM) Konstantin: Give him a second to unmuss his hair and he’ll follow. “Thank you for everything.”
(9:07:16 PM) *Miali bows her head to them before following after.
(9:08:10 PM) Oryn: “Do have a letter of mark ready for us on the way out, yes? We’ll return successful saviors!”
(9:09:14 PM) Tora: “Oryn.” Tora comments dryly, “Don’t try to profiteer from this.”
(9:09:29 PM) Shirin: “Do not ask for commendations…”
(9:09:34 PM) Logos: Elves move to clear the barricade in order to let the group pass. The stern-faced leader shakes her head. “< Gnomes>”
(9:10:31 PM) Konstantin: He pauses for just a second, barely a slowing of his stride, to look at the leader. “< We’re evacuating you last.>”
(9:11:26 PM) Shirin: “< Insulting him is //my// job, ma’am.>” Just keep on walkin’.
(9:16:12 PM) Sanaz: and just going to follow after.
(9:16:34 PM) Logos: Not far from the barricade, the foliage begins to change – the trees become twisted and gnarled, the leaves of the underbrush are thick and rubbery, the ground is slicky, muddy. The air starts getting warmer too, even as it fills with a thick mist. The birds and squirrels of the forest region are replaced by strange slurping sounds and the ribbiting of frogs.
(9:17:57 PM) *Tora changes his gait for a bit at first, unused to the suction of the swamp ground
(9:19:36 PM) Shirin: “< …I am suddenly filled with unpleasant childhood memories…>” She had never gotten along with swamps.
(9:21:10 PM) Sanaz: He had absolutely nothing to do with most of those unpleasant childhood memories. Mostly.
(9:21:15 PM) *Miali grimaces a little , following along after.
(9:21:22 PM) Tora: “I’m not sure I like walking in swamps.”
(9:21:43 PM) Sanaz: …he really doesn’t like swamps either. And he’s not exactly wearing proper shoes to be walking in swamps. No help for it.
(9:21:55 PM) Shirin: The bees were absolutely his fault.
(9:22:06 PM) Konstantin: This is just a damn joy, covered in leather and metal as he is, to be trecking through the swamps.
(9:22:27 PM) Shirin: “No one likes walking in swamps, it can’t be helped.” She sighs, and starts looking for signs to track the dear director.
(9:25:50 PM) Logos: Pretty much everyone but Konstantin is pretty sure that the group is being watched right now by something
(9:26:48 PM) Shirin: …Shirin holds up a hand for them to stop moving.
(9:28:08 PM) *Tora stops without hesitation
(9:28:41 PM) *Sanaz stops instantly, or as instantly as he can.
(9:29:07 PM) *Konstantin stops after a step.
(9:29:11 PM) Oryn: Oryn just sees butts. He always sees butts with this group. Why were there no other Small people around? He stops when gestured to do so!
(9:29:47 PM) Shirin: At least they’re nice butts.
(9:31:19 PM) Shirin: “< …I know you’re watching. Where are you…?>” Shirin mostly murmurs it to herself, looking around for whatever’s following them, listening for any sound that might give it away.
(9:32:06 PM) Logos: There’s a ripple across the surface of the muddy swamp water swirling around Shirin’s ankles as something slimy brushes against her leg.
(9:32:35 PM) Shirin: …Wonderful.
(9:32:59 PM) Shirin: Do not panic. Carefully, calmly, step back onto a bank instead of in the swamp water.
(9:36:03 PM) Logos: The water starts to swirl quickly as forms rise up from the muddy depths – seven altogether. Bipedal, with dark green skin and broad, froglike features, large chests and extremely sharp spears.
(9:36:13 PM) *Miali follows suit in her position, frowning.
(9:36:18 PM) Shirin: “…Hello.”
(9:36:52 PM) *Tora blinks. “Ehhh? \\Frog-people?\\”
(9:37:03 PM) Oryn: “Gentlemen?” He hoped they were gentlemen. “I don’t suppose you’re here to take us to your leader?”
(9:37:04 PM) Shirin: “Tora don’t be so incredulous that’s rude.”
(9:40:37 PM) *Miali frowns, watching them. “< Intentions are probably hostile. They’re most likely invaders.>”
(9:42:02 PM) Miali: “< Unless they’re being charitably repatriated by EDEN, I can’t imagine why the elves would provide them with a new home…>”
(9:42:56 PM) Shirin: “< Would rather not fight if we can avoid it, they have the advantage here.”>
(9:43:44 PM) Konstantin: “< Then what do you advise? I don’t believe we can outrun them.”>
(9:43:52 PM) *Tora blinks, wondering what everyone else is saying
(9:43:59 PM) *Miali steps forward, hands up. “Territory, yours?”
(9:44:40 PM) Logos: The bullywug responds with a series of rapid-fire ribbits.
(9:44:49 PM) Shirin: ….Oh dear.
(9:46:30 PM) Logos: And makes threatening gestures with its spear before pointing toward a point deeper in the swamp.
(9:48:06 PM) Tora: “…I think that is what they’re saying, Miali.”
(9:48:14 PM) Shirin: “….I assume that means we’re supposed to go that way?”
(9:49:16 PM) Oryn: “Do you think we could take them?” He whispers up to Shirin.
(9:49:19 PM) *Miali gestures towards herself and the othres then towards the deeper direction, inquisitively. Maybe they have an elder who can actually be spoken and negotiated with…
(9:49:30 PM) Shirin: “No.”
(9:49:38 PM) Shirin: “Not in this situation, anyway.”
(9:50:57 PM) Logos: Through a series of angry gestures and body language, the bullywug seems to be communicating that it is taking Miali and her companions prisoner and that they are to follow the frog-creature under pain of death.
(9:51:18 PM) Shirin: Welp.
(9:51:51 PM) Oryn: “I hope one of them can speak common back to us.” He huffs.
(9:52:19 PM) Tora: “…\\I wonder if they’re responsible.\\” Tora muses to himself
(9:52:32 PM) Miali: “Well, we’re apparently prisoners. If I can find someone to talk to I may be able to persuade them to give us freedom, but.”
(9:53:56 PM) Shirin: “We don’t have a lot of options here. We’ll go along.” The ‘for now’ is implied but not spoken-it looks like they understood common just fine.


LogosInvictus meiannoyuurei

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