Tora zol Azilias

Happily married (to a dragon).


Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer (Dragon-Blooded) 3
Languages: Common, Draconic, (one more)
Alignment: Neutral Good

Ability Scores

Strength: 14 [+ 2]
Dexterity: 18 [+ 4]
Constitution: 18 [+ 4]
Intelligence: 14 [+ 2]
Wisdom: 10 [+ 0]
Charisma: 18 [+ 4]

HP: 22/33
HD: 3/3
SP: 1/3
AC: 13+4 DEX (17 total)
Initiative: +4
Proficiency Modifier: +2

Racial Features(Human)

Ability Score Modification: +1 DEX, +1 CHA
Bonus Skill Proficiency: Athletics
Bonus Feat: Tough

Class Features(Sorcerer)

  • Sorcerous Origin(Dragon-Blooded): Automatic language of Draconic, double proficiency bonus on Charisma checks when dealing with dragons.
  • Draconic Resilience: Unarmored AC is now 13+Dexterity, rather than 10+Dexterity. Gain an extra HP/level.
  • Font of Power: Gain listed SP value. Regain SP on a long rest.
  • Flexible Casting: Can spend SP as a bonus action to regain spell slots as desired; 2 SP for first-level, 3 for second-level, 5 for third-level, 6 for fourth-level, and 7 for fifth-level. Alternatively, can sacrifice a spell slot for SP equal to the listed level.
  • Metamagic: Can spend SP to modify spells in ways as follows
    - Quickened Spell(2 SP) Reduce the casting time of a spell from 1 action to a Bonus Action.
    - Empowered Spell(1 SP) Reroll up to 4 damage dice on a spell already cast. Can be applied to a spell metamagic has already been applied to.


  • Weapons: Daggers, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaves, Light Crossbows
  • Armor: None
  • Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Persuasion, Intimidation, Survival
  • Tools: Cooking tools.


  • Elemental Adept[Lightning]: Lightning spells ignore resistance. Furthermore, lightning spells cast by Tora treat all 1s rolled for damage as 2s.
  • Tough: Gain +2 HP/level.


Spell Attack Modifier: +6
Spell Save DC: 14

  • Cantrips (4 known, infinite-use)
  • [CONJ]Poison Spray(V/S, 10 ft, instant) – Target makes CON save or takes 1d12 poison damage.
  • [EVOC]Fire Bolt(V/S, 120 ft, instant) – Ranged spell attack versus target. 1d10 fire damage, ignites unattended flammable objects
  • [EVOC]Light(V/M, touch, 1 hour) – Touched object sheds light as a torch for one hour.
  • [EVOC]Shocking Grasp(V/S, Touch, instant) – Melee spell attack versus target. If target is wearing metallic armor, attack roll gains advantage. 1d8 lightning damage on hit and disables reactions for the target’s next turn.
  • First Level (3 known, 4/4)
  • [EVOC]Burning Hands(V/S, 15ft cone(self), instant) – Inflict 3d6 fire damage. Half damage on a successful DEX save.
  • [EVOC]Chromatic Orb(V/S/M[50 GP diamond], 90 ft, Instant) – Select energy type from fire, ice, lightning, acid, thunder, or poison. On hit, inflict 3d8 damage of that type.
  • [TRNS]Feather Fall(V/M, 60ft, 1 minute) – Castable on reaction. Up to five falling targets slow their fall to 60 feet/round. If they land while under the effects of this, they take no falling damage.
  • Second Level (1 known, 2/2)
  • [EVOC]Scorching Ray(V/S, 120ft, instant) – Attack using three rays of fire(+1/slot level). Each ray inflicts 2d6 fire damage.


  • Dagger (1d4 damage, Finesse, Light, Thrown[20/60]) [2 GP/1 lb.]
  • Arcane Focus (A crystal with the image of a dragon engraved upon it) [10 GP, 1 lb.]
  • Arcane Material Component (Diamond. Spell:Chromatic Orb) [50 GP, neg. lb.]
  • Common Clothes [0.5 GP, 3 lbs.]
  • Trinket: A single caltrop made from bone. (neg.)
  • Explorer’s Kit Contains the following below. [17 GP]
  • Backpack (Holds 1 cubic foot/30 lbs. of gear. Can have other items strapped to the outside.) [5 lbs.]
  • Bedroll [7 lbs.]
  • Mess Kit (contains cup, cutlery, tin can be used as cookware) [1 lb.]
  • Tinderbox (contains flint, fire steel, and tinder) [1 lb.]
  • Torch x10 (Burns for one hour, bright light for 20 feet, dim for another 20.) [10 lbs.]
  • Rations x10 [20 lbs.]
  • Waterskin (Holds 4 pints of liquid) [5 lbs(full)]
  • Rope, Hempen(50 feet) (has 2 HP, can be burst with a DC 17 strength check) [10 lbs.]

GP: 7.5
Carrying Capacity: 59/210 lbs.

Quick Combat Reference
HP: 22/33
AC: 17
Initiative: +4
STR Save: +2 DEX Save: +4 CON save: +6
INT Save: +2 WIS Save: +0 CHA save: +6

Attack: Dagger + 6 (Finesse), 1d4 + 4 piercing damage
Spell Attack: +6
Spell Save DC: 14


Background: Folk Hero
Trait: When I decide I want to do something, I follow through regardless of what gets in my way.
Ideal: I’m committed to the people I care about, not ideals.
Bond: Mari changed my life. I’ll do everything I can to help her
Flaw: The people of my hometown know I was “sacrificed.” I can’t return there, it’d only cause problems.

Tora is, for lack of a better word, slightly built, standing only 5’4" tall and weighing only around 130 lbs, give or take. Further adding to the unassuming nature is the fact that he has a tendency to wear only plain clothes – white clothes contrasting with his tanned complexion, showing how worn they are due to use and repeated magical cleanings, and his neck-length, straight, black hair looks messy, largely courtesy of being self-cut. At his belt hangs a single, well-used dagger. However, a few details seem off, as his eyes show a distinct gold color and his hair as of recent shows a faint blue sheen when viewed from some angles…

Backstory: (currently in bulletpoint form to save time)

*Tora was raised as a hunter in the village of Westplains, situated in some plainslands on the west side of the Syaengzu Desert.

  • A young blue dragon who introduced herself as Marronax the Sand Devil had recently set up shop nearby, and demanded tribute..
  • People of the village had got it in their mind that the dragon would only be placated with a human sacrifice. The local lord, whose kill on his last hunting trip was stolen by Tora, then only fifteen, was petty and convinced the people that he’d be an ideal sacrifice there.
  • Spitefully, Tora ended up swiping a particularly fancy trinket from the lord the night before he was sent out to be the sacrifice. Said lord was initially enraged but couldn’t do anything about it once he found out—
  • Tora was already an enigma of an offering for Marronax—she was expecting livestock, or at least treasure to add to her hoard, but a human, and a scrawny one like him at that? Not even enough meat for food there. She was amused enough to keep him around, originally as a servant, when he threw her the trinket—turns out at some point it belonged to a territorial rival of hers.
    Years passed, and “Mari”, as Tora referred to her (much to her chagrin at times) eventually had Tora marry her via a blood pact that…changed him in some ways. …albeit with as much as Mari’s pride allowed her after the “servant” excuse started to wear thin. Dragons will be dragons, after all.
  • However, circumstances were making life in the current lair frustrating, and it was difficult getting food without spooking locals among other things. Tora had an idea, though, and it’d take a lot of money. Money that Mari refuses to take from her hoard. So for that, he set out adventuring.

Tora zol Azilias

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