The Cursed Continent of Aertia has seen apocalypse, ages of war and the rise and fall of empires. It is a place of strong magic, where the gods dwell and the creatures of the fey walk alongside humanity, where the ruins of long-lost civilizations hold the key to forgotten technologies and dangerous magics. For all its danger and strangeness, it is also a land of people trying to get by as best they can and lead a quiet life.

Sometimes, however, Aertia doesn’t give people the choice to live a quiet life. Sometimes, whether by inclination, wanderlust, tragedy or simple happenstance, a person may find themselves on the road to a life of power, greatness and adventure – or right into the stomach of the next monster that decides they look tasty. The life of an adventurer is best summed up by the old Aertian expression “Fight the dragon or starve”, and those who find themselves on that path must risk their lives not just to fulfill their dreams, but to put their next meal on the table and – if they are so inclined – to protect the quiet lives of others.

These are the stories of the risks they take and the dangers these brave men, women, elves and assorted others must face, but also of their triumphs, their glories and the way in which they carve their own path into history and legend.