Risk Chronicles

Session 11

In which there is a Montage

(6:14:32 PM) Logos: Eventually, after giving several reports to orange-Marked city guards and very serious looking Elves, Our Heroes stumbled back to their inn and collapsed. When they woke up the next morning, there was breakfast waiting for them at the table in the central room of their suite – clotted cream, thin sweet bread, hot tea and coffee and small beer, grilled fish on a stick and piles of rice. There are also several wrapped packages repres
(6:14:33 PM) Logos: enting their reward from EDEN, along with a note from 19-C indicating that he will send someone by to bring them to the Tower.
(6:16:42 PM) Shirin: Shirin did eventually let Oryn out of her packback the night before, and wanders, bleary-eyed and with only half a shirt on, out to breakfast. From the wrong room. “…Coooffeeeeeeee?”
(6:17:39 PM) Oryn: Oryn was looking no worse for wear despite the battle in the jungle and being stuffed into a backpack while unconscious. This morning he set out their Elven IKEA package and the unidentified scroll along with their reward packages, planning on identifying everything that needed identifying.
(6:18:30 PM) Sanaz: “…missing something, sister?” Sanaz asks, raising an eyebrow.
(6:18:45 PM) *Tora , on the other hand, is still asleep. And drooling on his pillow while doing so.
(6:18:46 PM) Shirin: “Mm…?” Look down. “…Eh.”
(6:19:12 PM) Shirin: “My breasts won’t spoil the coffee.”
(6:19:30 PM) Shirin: She wanders over to Tora’s door and kicks it. Hard. “Up!”
(6:20:04 PM) *
Tora continues to sleep
(6:20:16 PM) Shirin: “…”
(6:20:20 PM) Shirin: “Sanaz?”
(6:20:29 PM) Shirin: “Remember how you used to wake me up in the mornings?”
(6:20:39 PM) Konstantin: The dhampir, on the other hand, walks out of the room quietly. Also shirtless. “Good morning.”
(6:20:59 PM) Sanaz: “…you want me to inflict it on him?”
(6:21:09 PM) Shirin: “Yes.”
(6:22:15 PM) *Sanaz shrugs fluidly as he gets up to get some of the coffee water. Hot, but not scalding, just hot enough to be shocking.
(6:22:20 PM) Shirin: She’s just going to stand here and clutch this coffee to her. Sweet precious beautiful coffee.
(6:22:56 PM) Oryn: Oryn was fully clothed in a loose-sleeved white shirt and a form-fitting leather vest with matching boots and trousers. He waggles his eyebrows. “You tallfolk do take to your nudity in the mornings!”
(6:23:40 PM) *
Sanaz gives a few warning knocks before walking in and dumping the water on Tora.
(6:24:10 PM) Shirin: Shirin looks down at herself, and shrugs. “I don’t understand why you smallfolk get so strange about it.”
(6:24:38 PM) Shirin: “Besides, you’re not interested in my boobs, Tora is Tora, and Sanaz is my brother.”
(6:25:09 PM) *Tora sputters a bit before rolling off the side of the bed and standing up, holding up the bedsheet to cover himself. Gaaah! I’m up!"
(6:25:40 PM) Konstantin: “It’s rather pleasant without the additional clothing, given the warmth, actually.”
(6:26:04 PM) Shirin: “…It’s only going to be warmer at the capital, you know that, right?”
(6:26:08 PM) Sanaz: “At last,” Sanaz says, dryly. “That’s how I used to wake up my sister. I’d suggest you rise earlier in future.”
(6:26:15 PM) Logos: Konstantin is right. It’s actually rather hot for mid-morning, which does make the spicy strips of sizzling meat quite tasty.
(6:26:18 PM) *
Sanaz turns and leaves him to get dressed
(6:26:29 PM) Konstantin: “I am aware. I imagine I will be shirtless quite often.”
(6:26:54 PM) Shirin: “Hmm.” Shirin manages to keep a relatively straight face. “We’ll see.”
(6:26:54 PM) Oryn: “That would be appreciated!”
(6:27:38 PM) *Tora grimaces awkwardly as he moves to get dressed, having one hand on the bedsheet regardless
(6:29:00 PM) Shirin: Well then. She’ll just…peer in and have a look. “…Tora, how old are you?”
(6:30:34 PM) Tora: “…” blushing and awkward grimace as Tora hurries to throw the rest of his clothes on “I’m nineteen!”
(6:30:52 PM) Oryn: “Adorable.”
(6:31:09 PM) Shirin: “…” She looks back to Konstantin. “How…how adult is nineteen?”
(6:33:25 PM) Oryn: “In humans? Fairly adult, but just not-adult enough to be cute and foolish.”
(6:33:35 PM) Oryn: He looks to Konstantin as if seeking confirmation.
(6:34:26 PM) Shirin: “…So like…50?”
(6:35:02 PM) Konstantin: “About that.”
(6:35:11 PM) Sanaz: Such sweet, long-ago days.
(6:35:29 PM) *
Tora emerges from his room with messily-put-on clothes. “…why’d you guys need me up?”
(6:35:52 PM) Shirin: “Right.” …She’ll just keep looking at Konstantin. This view was nice.
(6:35:58 PM) Shirin: “Because it’s breakfast, Tora.”
(6:36:00 PM) Oryn: “Do you not like presents?” Oryn gestures to the table.
(6:36:04 PM) Konstantin: “So you would not miss breakfast.”
(6:36:46 PM) Tora: “Oh. What is for breakfast?” He idly notes, fairly certain the manticore isn’t going to keep that well.
(6:37:00 PM) Shirin: “Coffee.”
(6:37:25 PM) Sanaz: “You’re rather focused for not having had your coffee yet, sister.”
(6:37:30 PM) Shirin: “…What.”
(6:37:33 PM) Tora: “…isn’t there…food?”
(6:38:08 PM) Shirin: “Toast, cream, fish, rice.” She’s now glaring down her brother. “Excuse me, Sanaz, what was that?”
(6:38:32 PM) Sanaz: “Very intent, even.” Was that glare supposed to intimidate him?
(6:39:05 PM) Shirin: “State your meaning clearly, brother.” Wow, someone who makes her more angry than Oryn.
(6:39:21 PM) *Tora grabs some of the fish and starts chowing down on that
(6:39:41 PM) Oryn: Oryn watches Sanaz and Shirin while spreading cream on his bread. Nomnom.
(6:40:06 PM) Sanaz: He leans back and drinks his tea. “You’re staring, sister.”
(6:40:18 PM) Konstantin: …Konstantin thinks better of getting involved and grabs his coffee, silent as death.
(6:40:24 PM) Shirin: Wow, she just went red to the tips of her ears. “I am not!”
(6:40:41 PM) Sanaz: “I know staring when I see it.”
(6:40:50 PM) *
Tora asides to Konstantin “…why did she want to know how old I was, anyway?”
(6:41:11 PM) Shirin: “What—what would you know!”
(6:41:43 PM) Konstantin: …He places a well-meaning, naked arm around Tora. “Elves are mysterious, Tora. Even I find them somewhat inscrutable.”
(6:42:07 PM) Oryn: “I think Elves find every other race’s age ranges amusing somehow.”
(6:42:17 PM) Sanaz: “…because I’ve spent a fair chunk of the last several decades being paid to be stared at?”
(6:42:43 PM) Shirin: “That—is actually a fair point but I don’t see why your job concerns me or my hypothetical staring.”
(6:42:45 PM) *Tora jumps a bit at the sudden cold feeling, before continuing to eat his fish
(6:43:38 PM) Sanaz: Sipppp of tea. “Because it means I know what hypothetical staring looks like? Or, rather, more than hypothetical.”
(6:44:34 PM) Shirin: “…I mean, what’s it matter who I may or may not be staring at, anyway? I’m 114 years old, I can do as I please!”
(6:44:55 PM) Konstantin: Tora can actually feel Konstantin’s body warm up from having hot coffee poured down his throat. It’s kind of disconcerting; thankfully he lets him go in short order.
(6:45:14 PM) Oryn: “This is fascinating.” He whispers to the boys as he shoves rice into his maw.
(6:45:45 PM) Sanaz: “I never said you couldn’t.” very much cat-smile. “But I never said anything about not teasing you about it, little sister.”
(6:46:15 PM) Konstantin: “I know.” Says the amazing talking abs. I mean Konstantin.
(6:46:26 PM) *
Tora stifles the impulse to do any number of things out of reaction to the odd temperature changes.
(6:47:00 PM) Shirin: …Well now.
(6:47:08 PM) Konstantin: It’s okay, Tora. It’s only natural.
(6:47:10 PM) Tora: largely grimacing
(6:47:19 PM) Shirin: “Teasing? Teasing?”
(6:47:31 PM) Shirin: “What’s there to tease about?!”
(6:48:14 PM) Oryn: “Do elves not work out deals to overcome familial disputes? This argument is taking quite a while.” He side-mouths to Konstantin. “Mysterious. Maybe it’s because they live so long.”
(6:48:43 PM) Sanaz: “Little sister’s grown up and starting to notice men.” he knows he’s walking on pretty thin ice at this point, but as long as she doesn’t ruin his expensive dancing clothes with coffee, he won’t get angry.
(6:48:46 PM) Konstantin: “It is taking quite awhile; I’m wondering when they duel over it.” #Undeadproblems.
(6:49:07 PM) Shirin: Pointing over to the peanut gallery. “You, shut up.”
(6:49:19 PM) *Tora gets back to eating his fish. “…the last time i remember seeing a family argument was when my father was thrown out of the house for bringing someone else over with him…”
(6:49:25 PM) Oryn: “Well I have paperwork to do.” As in working on paper. He picks up the scroll and tries to figure out what spell it is.
(6:50:44 PM) Shirin: Back to Sanaz. “I’ve done plenty more than //notice// men! You’re not the only one who gets to go around gallavanting with whomever!”
(6:51:00 PM) Shirin: …That may have been more of an admission than she meant it to be.
(6:51:49 PM) Sanaz: That cat-smile only widens. “Did you truly mean to admit that? I’m touched.”
(6:52:03 PM) Shirin: “Admit…what…” …Oh no.
(6:52:07 PM) Tora: “…” blink. watch. grab toast. munch.
(6:52:38 PM) Konstantin: “Hmm… it appears that I am whomever now.” He comments quietly to Oryn. “Good thing I’m not on your payroll; I think scale for a working party is rather tortuous on coffers.”
(6:52:56 PM) Shirin: …
(6:53:27 PM) Shirin: Now she just turned a shade of red hitherto unknown to the mortal races, dumped her coffee in Sanaz’ lap, and marched back into…whomever’s room.
(6:53:31 PM) Shirin: She’s going to hide now.
(6:53:42 PM) Shirin: Alone with her pride.
(6:53:44 PM) Sanaz: …ow.
(6:53:49 PM) Sanaz: But this was entirely worth it.
(6:53:50 PM) Tora: “Shirin, are you okay? You look more red than when Konstantin spoke elvish!” Tora calls back after her
(6:53:57 PM) Oryn: “…I’m fairly happy with that fact as well, quite suddenly.”
(6:53:59 PM) Shirin: “< SHUT YOUR FACE .>”
(6:54:10 PM) Konstantin: “Tora, my friend?”
(6:54:21 PM) Sanaz: He’s not laughing at her, at least?
(6:54:27 PM) Konstantin: “Please. Stop for your own sake.”
(6:54:28 PM) *
Tora blinks. “…what’d she just say?”
(6:54:46 PM) Sanaz: “Told me to hold my tongue.”
(6:54:58 PM) Konstantin: “Told Tora, I believe.”
(6:55:07 PM) Tora: “Oh. Is she okay?”
(6:55:08 PM) Shirin: “< DIDN’T DISCRIMINATE.” >
(6:55:17 PM) Konstantin: “…is that what that’s a colloquialism for, Sanaz?”
(6:55:38 PM) Konstantin: “I mean she literally told the both of you to fill in a seed-hole.”
(6:55:51 PM) Tora: “…”
(6:56:05 PM) Tora: “Er…i’ve never heard that one before.”
(6:56:11 PM) Sanaz: “Yes. Yes, it is.” going to sip his tea.
(6:56:20 PM) Oryn: “My, in gnomish that means something COMPLETELY different.”
(6:56:49 PM) Konstantin: “That could lead to awkward moments.” Siiiip.
(6:57:11 PM) Shirin: She’s just going to stay in here and…try to find where the hell her shirt went.
(6:57:18 PM) Shirin: …What was she wearing? This isn’t her shirt.
(6:57:47 PM) Sanaz: It’s kind of surreal how he’s soaked in coffee. “I’ve rather missed having those discussions with her.” he says, quieter.
(6:58:29 PM) Oryn: Oryn raises a hand and an eyebrow at the same time, waving it and wringing out Sanaz’ clothes with prestidigitation. “Elves are mysterious people, indeed.”
(6:58:33 PM) Tora: “That sounded kind of angry for a discussion.”
(6:59:03 PM) Konstantin: “Ah, siblings…”
(6:59:04 PM) Sanaz: “That was actually rather mild. She would have shot one of our other siblings.”
(6:59:17 PM) Tora: “…Elven discussions are very dangerous things.”
(6:59:35 PM) Oryn: “…goodness. Why DID your little talk sound like two tinkers trying to outbid the same gear salesman anyway?”
(7:00:44 PM) Sanaz: “It’s been fifty years since I’ve been able to tease her like that. I suppose I grew rather carried away.” his own fault, really.
(7:01:43 PM) Tora: “So…wait, if she would’ve shot one of the others, did she not like them or does she like you?”
(7:02:54 PM) Oryn: “And more importantly, are you SURE she wouldn’t still shoot you? That looked like bear baiting for a while.”
(7:03:34 PM) Sanaz: “I suppose I’m her favorite sibling. And fairly certain.” pause. “She didn’t go right back to get her bow.”
(7:03:58 PM) Shirin: Alright. Shirt found. Composure…mostly regained. Operation: slink out to retreive toast: go.
(7:04:12 PM) Tora: “…” blink. Return to eating last piece of toast
(7:05:33 PM) Shirin: …Dammit.
(7:05:49 PM) Shirin: Well then she’ll just take the /entire/ pot of coffee, then.
(7:06:44 PM) Oryn: Oryn nods a good morning to her cheerfully. He’s slathering sweet cream on rice and enjoying it heartily.
(7:07:24 PM) Shirin: She’ll just stand over here. With her coffee. Making eye contact with no one.
(7:07:30 PM) Shirin: She might still be embarrassed.
(7:08:24 PM) Tora: “Where do they get this fish, anyway? The only fish I’ve had before was landshark…is that a fish? It has shark in the name…”
(7:09:17 PM) Shirin: “…” Eartwitch. No. Do not engage.
(7:11:08 PM) Sanaz: He’s going to give her some peace for now and eat his breakfast and drink his tea.
(7:14:06 PM) Shirin: Well, good.
(7:14:08 PM) Shirin: …
(7:14:19 PM) Shirin: Maybe she can steal Konstantin’s coffee mug…
(7:15:08 PM) Konstantin: Those are fangs he’s showing.
(7:15:30 PM) Shirin: Right.
(7:15:36 PM) Shirin: Not that coffee.
(7:16:15 PM) *Tora reclines in his chair after having finished …way too much fish and toast
(7:18:56 PM) Logos: There’s a polite knock on the door.
(7:19:04 PM) Shirin: …Very quietly, after some time has passed, a significantly quieter elf speaks. “< …I ah. Should apologize for my outburs— >” DAMMIT.
(7:21:39 PM) *
Tora looks over to the door
(7:21:46 PM) Shirin: “…Someone answer that.”
(7:21:49 PM) Oryn: Oryn pops himself right up and trots over to the door, opening it a slice to look out. “Yes~?”
(7:25:38 PM) Logos: 19-C smiles. Blinks, then looks down at Oryn. “Hello, little friend!”
(7:26:01 PM) Oryn: “Oh, hello my numerically designated friend! Come in, come in!”
(7:26:11 PM) Oryn: He opens the door and invites him in.
(7:26:32 PM) Shirin: …Okay, putting on a shirt was a good idea, she is glad she did so.
(7:26:57 PM) Shirin: She’ll also wander back into Konstantin’s room and come back with one of //his//shirts and just pass it to him. Helpfelf.
(7:27:47 PM) Tora: “Hey.” Tora raises a hand in greeting to the guy who looks…just like that guy they killed back in Rolt’s place. He still can’t get that out of his head!
(7:30:13 PM) Logos: “Hello everyone! I’m glad to see you’re enjoying a meal after all the hard work you’ve done on EDEN’s behalf”
(7:31:10 PM) Konstantin: He will put on his shirt, fiiiine.
(7:31:23 PM) Tora: “Well, the manticore wasn’t salted so it doesn’t exactly keep for long…”
(7:31:28 PM) Shirin: Look she can’t be staring at you all the time when they’re working!
(7:33:25 PM) Logos: “…I’ll make note of that.”
(7:33:30 PM) Logos: “Is that coffee?”
(7:33:43 PM) Shirin: “Yes.”
(7:33:51 PM) Shirin: She stares him down.
(7:33:54 PM) Shirin: It’s hers.
(7:33:56 PM) Logos: “C..can I smell it?”
(7:34:00 PM) Shirin: “…”
(7:34:08 PM) Shirin: “Have…have you never had it?”
(7:34:17 PM) Logos: “I don’t eat or drink, but I enjoy the smell of coffee”
(7:34:18 PM) *Tora looks on…she’s going to have a debate with him as well, isn’t she?
(7:34:27 PM) Shirin: “…” She holds out the pot to him. :(
(7:34:40 PM) *
Tora blinks
(7:34:40 PM) Oryn: Oryn is visually displeased that Konstantin has put on his shirt. "Goodness, that seems like an incomplete sort of experience.
(7:34:50 PM) Sanaz: …that poor man.
(7:35:02 PM) Logos: 19-C bends over and wafts the steam of the coffee toward his nose, smiling. “Thank you~ In any event, I have good news”
(7:35:49 PM) Tora: “The guys at the tower heard about last night and are letting us in?”
(7:39:19 PM) Oryn: “We’re getting paid handsomely for saving literally all of your lives?”
(7:40:08 PM) Shirin: “All of the above?”
(7:41:08 PM) Logos: “Yes, actually. I see that your payment has already arrived.” he motions to the pile of packages “And I have made arrangements for you to meet with one of the Veined Lords in the Tower”
(7:44:15 PM) *Tora blinks. “That…is a lot of stuff.”
(7:47:30 PM) Tora: “…wait, when are they expecting us?”
(7:47:50 PM) Shirin: She looks down at her shirt. And then heads back in to find a nicer one.
(7:48:01 PM) Shirin: …She doesn’t own a nicer one.
(7:48:13 PM) Logos: “Well, traditionally, you would present yourself at the Tower and then they will come to you when they have time,”
(7:48:28 PM) Shirin: “How formally are we expected to be dressed?”
(7:48:42 PM) Oryn: Veined Lord? Excellent! “When they have time? So they don’t have appointments I suppose?”
(7:48:54 PM) Shirin: Seriously where are her good clothe—in Ra-Zehman.
(7:48:56 PM) Logos: “I believe that Dr. Masud would say that you are adventurers, and thus expected to be somewhat filthy”
(7:49:02 PM) Shirin: She knew she forgot something.
(7:49:12 PM) Sanaz: Shirin has formal clothes?
(7:49:20 PM) Shirin: Mother made her.
(7:50:12 PM) Tora: “Well…I suppose it’s for the better, since I kind of only have these.”
(7:50:43 PM) Shirin: “…” Shirin stares at Oryn. Please help her on this matter.
(7:50:54 PM) Shirin: They have time to get proper clothes, don’t they?
(7:50:57 PM) Shirin: DON’T THEY?!
(7:52:04 PM) Oryn: Oryn shrugs and sighs. “Can’t be helped. Let’s go get you into a nice dress Shirin. Yes it has to be a dress. Yes you can still keep weapons under the skirt.”
(7:52:13 PM) Oryn: “In some places that’s considered only polite, you know!”
(7:52:49 PM) Shirin: “Well, of course.” She sighs. “Konstantin, Sanaz, can you…take care of Tora?”
(7:53:00 PM) Shirin: "…Do I have to get the fancy arrows?
(7:53:31 PM) Oryn: “I think silver fletching will do!”
(7:54:13 PM) Sanaz: “…I can /try/, at least.” really, he’s not the best person to ask in regards to /clothing/.
(7:54:27 PM) Tora: “…eh? What do I need help with?”
(7:54:28 PM) Shirin: “Silver…will they even have proper designs here?” Well, off they go to get a dress.
(7:54:42 PM) Shirin: She just…gestures to all of Tora. “That.”
(7:54:56 PM) Tora: “…you just motioned to me.”
(7:55:09 PM) Shirin: “Yes.”
(7:56:55 PM) Tora: “…I don’t get it.”
(7:57:07 PM) Oryn: Oryn gesticulates as he leads the way. “I will leave arrow selection to you, I’m sure they’ll make nice accessories if we can find a gown to fit your figure.” And into the city for shopping time!
(7:58:41 PM) Shirin: SHOPPING MONTAGE
(7:59:12 PM) Konstantin: Even Elminster had a Montage.
(7:59:19 PM) Konstantin: (Montage~)
(7:59:26 PM) Tora: (Montage~)
(8:01:16 PM) Shirin: TO THE TOWER.
(8:06:22 PM) *
Tora is tugging at the dark blue clothing he’s been put in as of the most recent shopping trip. “This still doesn’t feel right…” And his hair’s been put through an appointment as well.
(8:08:19 PM) Oryn: Oryn nods approvingly at how punishingly tight Shirin’s corset is laced. “It’s important that any prospective trade partners know you can undertake a tremendous amount of discomfort!”
(8:08:21 PM) Shirin: Shirin is in an incredibly slinky dress (with enough length to hide her bowl. it even had special straps for that purpose!), with a neckline that…went damn near to her waist.
(8:08:34 PM) Oryn: Oryn was PROUD of that neckline.
(8:08:36 PM) Shirin: Okay maybe just into the corset.
(8:08:40 PM) Shirin: it’s hard to say.
(8:08:45 PM) Logos: Once you’re near the tower, its immensity is really brought into scope – from a distance, it was simple a large, jagged spike looming over the city, but as you approach the Plaza of the Beast’s Heart, the word “cyclopean” springs immediately to mind. The buildings surrounding the plaza are easily as tall as many of the towers of Ra-Zehman, and the Tower itself dwarfs them all. A statue of a man in armor, kneeling as his sides are p
(8:08:45 PM) Logos: ierced with several swords , has been erected in front of the broad, red marble platform leading up to the Tower’s entrance.
(8:08:53 PM) Shirin: “Oryn, when this is over, I’m putting //you// in the corset.”
(8:09:09 PM) Logos: And it only takes a few moments to realize that you are the only people who aren’t covered in House Markings in the entire plaza.
(8:09:17 PM) Shirin: …Oh yay.
(8:09:22 PM) Oryn: “I’m sorry my dear I prefer men~”
(8:12:47 PM) Tora: “I don’t think there’s anything that’d keep us from standing out.”
(8:13:01 PM) Tora: more sleeve-tugging.
(8:13:51 PM) Logos: Two orange-Marked guards move to stop Our Heroes as they approach the tower. “State your name and purpose?”
(8:14:59 PM) Oryn: “Oryn Doublelock and associates, saviors of the EDEN facility, here to meet with the Veined Lords!”
(8:16:46 PM) Logos: “Ahh yes, we have you on the list. The Veined Lords are in an important meeting, at the moment, but perhaps you would like to wait in one of the public studies?”
(8:18:24 PM) Shirin: Do the public studies involve less impractical shoes?
(8:18:29 PM) Oryn: “Well you know what they say about keeping busy and being successful, but I suppose we have to wait if we have to. Please show us the way, good sirs!”
(8:20:50 PM) Tora: “Well, okay then?” Tora keeps pulling at his outfit, before asiding to Konstantin “…what do you do in a study, anyway?”
(8:23:38 PM) Logos: The guards sideeye Kir before opening the gates and leading the group inside. The interior of the Tower is constructed of some kind of strange, solid material – metallic, but warm to the touch with no sign of seam or masonry. Rather than torches or traditional elctric lights, the corridors are lit by bright blue streams of light that run through both the ceiling and floor. The public study has comfortable chairs, a full bar and wa
(8:23:38 PM) Logos: lls piled high with books on the lore and history of Laozhan Fal and its environs, with more conventional electrical lights suspended from a large chandelier that has been attached to the room’s central cross support.
(8:24:12 PM) Shirin: “…” Electricity? Really?
(8:24:36 PM) Shirin: That was just being inefficient showoffs.
(8:24:53 PM) Shirin: Shirin sighs, and makes her way right on over to the bar.
(8:25:15 PM) *Tora blinks at the electrical lights. “How do those work?”
(8:25:19 PM) Sanaz: Of course she does.
(8:25:46 PM) Sanaz: He joins her, pulling her boots out of his backpack. “Sister.”
(8:26:00 PM) Shirin: “This is why you’re my favorite, Sanaz.”
(8:26:17 PM) Shirin: She takes her boots, but then proceeds to go back to looking over the bar’s stock.
(8:26:22 PM) Sanaz: “You’ll shoot me last?”
(8:26:34 PM) Shirin: “If you keep this up.”
(8:27:08 PM) Oryn: “Seeing electric lights with no nearby steamvents is just a little… unnerving.”
(8:27:23 PM) Oryn: “How is one to sleep without the comforting hissing and grinding?” He sighs sadly.
(8:28:22 PM) Tora: “Oooh, electricity powers those? That stuff’s neat. Kind of weird to touch though.”
(8:28:33 PM) Shirin: “…To touch?”
(8:28:43 PM) Tora: “…yeah?”
(8:32:51 PM) Shirin: “Where are you touching elec—you know what, nevermind.” She is going to take this wine, sit down, and try to keep herself from glancing over at the dhampir.
(8:33:05 PM) Shirin: She’s not succeeding.
(8:35:00 PM) Sanaz: You’re adorable, sister.
(8:35:01 PM) *
Tora browses the varied books collected to see if any titles catch his interest
(8:35:13 PM) Bassist159 [~Mark@MagicStar-BDA77630.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] entered the room.
(8:38:13 PM) Oryn: Oryn will mix himself a nice gin drink.
(8:38:35 PM) Logos: Most of the books are related to the history of the city post Towerfall, details of the major Houses and their struggles, and histories and information about Laozhan Fal’s closest neighbor.


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