Risk Chronicles

Session 12

In Which Fiddles Are Questionably Made

(6:38:25 PM) Logos: Three days ago, Our Heroes left the city of Laozhan Fal after a harrowing experience with the tower’s automated defense systems – one that exposed them to the core of their darkest desires and forced them to learn things about themselves that they never knew. More importantly, Oryn scored some really quite amazing trade concessions which will allow him to afford an actual office in the foreigner’s quarter of Ra-Zehman, once they reach the Elven capital in the next few days. With some travel still ahead of them, Our Heroes have built camp for the night in a small clearing in the western forests.
(6:39:48 PM) Plushiemancer is now known as Sanaz
(6:40:57 PM) Shirin: The closer they get, the better mood Shirin seems to be in. When she helped set up camp, she was //smiling//. And //whistling.//
(6:41:16 PM) Sanaz: Sanaz, on the other hand, is not nearly so sanguine
(6:42:06 PM) Tora is side-eyeing the very…happy Shirin, and asiding to Sanaz “…she’s never like this. Why is she like this?”
(6:42:22 PM) Shirin: " < …Look, Sanaz, you can go meet Deimos and Xanthos before I make you go talk to them? I have a house, you can all stay there. >"
(6:43:29 PM) Sanaz: “She’s happy because she’s going home.” Sanaz says, quietly. And the look on his face at the idea of meeting her pet dinosaurs is…a thing.
(6:44:51 PM) Shirin: Look, Xanthos was perfectly cuddly.
(6:45:19 PM) Tora: “Oh, okay.” Tora keeps going on, oblivious to cuddly terrors
(6:46:00 PM) Oryn: “Maybe I’ll buy an elf sized desk and a chair that can crank all the way to the top of it!” Oryn is humming to himself too, also cheerful for obvious reasons. “Saving lives and filling pockets, the life for me indeed.”
(6:46:05 PM) Sanaz: …perfectly cuddly to /you/.
(6:46:25 PM) Sanaz: “< I would prefer not to lose a hand /before/ I’m inevitably doomed, sister.”
(6:47:32 PM) Tora: “…oh, wait.” Tora’s eyes widen as he pulls out the primer that Shirin had placed on his head while he was asleep a few nights ago. Time to cram for Elven Etiquette Training.
(6:49:29 PM) Shirin: “< She’s never bitten //you// .>” Shirin glances out over at Tora, and snickers.
(6:52:15 PM) Sanaz: “< I’m not taking that chance.” > pause. “< …he shouldn’t have procrastinated on that.” >
(6:53:41 PM) Shirin: “< Shouldn’t have, but did. >” She tosses another log in the fire. "Oy, Tora. You know there’s gonna be a quiz on that in the morning.
(6:54:38 PM) Tora: “I know” he replies from behind the primer, “That’s why I’m reading over it now.”
(6:56:56 PM) Bassist159 is now known as Konstantin
(7:02:09 PM) Logos: Oryn, Konstantin, and Tora all hear a sound coming from deeper in the woods – it’s faint, but musical, as though someone were singing quietly not far from the campsite.
(7:03:16 PM) *Tora blinks, turning his head towards the singing, half paying attention to the primer now
(7:04:26 PM) Oryn: Oryn sits up from the back of the wagon, half hanging over the edge. “Singing… Someone lost? Or perhaps a creature of the forest?”
(7:06:24 PM) Konstantin: “When has singing ever been a good sign?”
(7:06:48 PM) Tora: “Sounds worth checking out anyway?” Tora stuffs the primer back in his pack
(7:07:01 PM) Shirin: “…Look, if it’s that bad, you could have told me to stop.”
(7:08:17 PM) Oryn: “Shirin if you would kindly take the lead to investigate? Konstantin, Tora, do keep on guard! Who knows what is lurking in these woods? Whoooooo~” Oryn makes spooky hand motions but clearly doesn’t look worried about whatever it is.
(7:09:08 PM) Shirin: “Right, right…Oryn, you should probably stay here with Sanaz. If you’re with an elf, the dryads probably won’t try to eat you.”
(7:09:26 PM) Tora: “Dryads?”
(7:09:27 PM) Shirin: Siiigh. Time to stand up and whistle for Kir.
(7:09:30 PM) Shirin: “Dryads.”
(7:09:42 PM) Oryn: …“Is there anything that doesn’t eat gnomes? I’m seriously wondering now.”
(7:09:53 PM) Oryn: “What is it about my people that makes us naturally delicious?”
(7:09:58 PM) Shirin: “They don’t, but they can’t see very well, and you’re about the size of their preferred prey.”
(7:10:01 PM) Shirin: “Children.”
(7:11:07 PM) Logos: Kir shambles out of the woods near the clearing, where he had been happily munching on underbrush. His lips are stained with some kind of strange berry juice which he then proceeds to rub on Shirin’s face.
(7:11:47 PM) Shirin: She ain’t even mad. Onto the stag. “C’mon, Kir, let’s find what’s out there.”
(7:11:48 PM) Konstantin: “…Is this normal?”
(7:12:03 PM) Shirin: “The nuzzling? Yes?”
(7:12:17 PM) Tora: “…after he eats?”
(7:12:31 PM) Shirin: “…You’ve never been around deer before have you?”
(7:12:46 PM) Tora: “Deer aren’t where I come from.”
(7:13:01 PM) Shirin: “Camels?”
(7:13:06 PM) Sanaz: “The deer is rather tame for what she usually brought home.”
(7:13:54 PM) Shirin: She’s already heading out to search for signs, but she calls back. “The quetzalcoatl was one time!”
(7:14:24 PM) Tora: “What’s a quetzalcoatl?” Tora’s following along
(7:14:26 PM) Sanaz: “And only because mother put her foot down. You brought home three landsharks after that!”
(7:14:57 PM) *
Sanaz is going to stay with Oryn, then.
(7:15:29 PM) Tora: “Oh, landsharks. I’ve had those. They’re a pain to get open but they’re good cooked.”
(7:16:44 PM) Logos: The forest around the clearing is unusually dense once you get away from the elven-roads that the group had been traveling on – Sanaz,Shirin and Kir have very little problem with it, but for the rest the trees are packed tightly enough to be claustrophobic, and the underbrush is a tangle of Jack-in-the-Pulpit and creeper vines.
(7:20:04 PM) Tora: “Gggh—” Tora pushes himself through some of the tangled vine clusters. Not much over 5 feet tall, he’s still having some difficulty getting through the damn plants
(7:20:58 PM) Shirin: Shirin sighs, slightly, and turns Kir around to fish Tora our of the underbrush onto the elk.
(7:21:40 PM) *Tora is now on an elk
(7:24:21 PM) Logos: Things begin to lighten somewhat as the sound of singing becomes clearer – clear enough that Sanaz and Shirin can both make out the tune of an old elven folk-song. Like most elven folk-songs it doesn’t translate well out of elvish, but – speaking on it generally – it’s a tune about two sisters who had a falling out over a young elfboy that they both fancied, with a resultant escalating series of murders. It’s really quite pretty.
(7:26:49 PM) Shirin: “…Oh, I know this one.” She hums faintly, before whistling three times—-two long, and one short. A call common among the Guides and Wardens as a signal.
(7:28:24 PM) Sanaz: …oh, that song. He’d never particularly cared for it.
(7:29:03 PM) Tora: “It’s a pretty song.”
(7:29:30 PM) Tora has no idea of what’s actually being sung, but
(7:32:22 PM) Shirin: “You should hear the bit where they make her into a fiddle, that’s the next verse~”
(7:34:29 PM) Tora: “Somebody gets turned into a fiddle?”
(7:35:40 PM) Sanaz: “Yes.”
(7:36:21 PM) Tora: “It doesn’t sound like it…”
(7:36:22 PM) Shirin: “Yep!”
(7:36:38 PM) Shirin: “…I have //got// to remember to teach you elvish.”
(7:38:00 PM) Logos: Buildings have started to appear among the trees – human-built wooden structures, crumbling and entwined with creeper vines. The buildings look like they’ve been abandoned for…well, a while, but some of them still bear the standard of the kingdom that sponsored this settlement painted on the side – a declaration that whomever challenged the settlers challenged King Matthias, Savior of the Elves.
(7:39:12 PM) Shirin: “…Aha.”
(7:39:29 PM) Shirin: “Oh, dear…”
(7:40:10 PM) Sanaz: …oh dear was right.
(7:40:23 PM) Konstantin: “…Hm. It’s been some time since anyone’s been through here.”
(7:42:35 PM) Shirin: “This must have been built after the seige…” Shirin dismounts, leaving Tora alone with Kir, and creeps a little farther forward into the settlement, towards the standard.
(7:43:05 PM) Tora: “It looks…pretty ruined. I wonder why someone’d be singing here.”
(7:43:30 PM) Logos: The singing appears to be coming from somewhere in the settlement – or everywhere in the settle, the acoustics are such that it’s difficult to tell for sure where the sound is coming fromt exactly.
(7:46:25 PM) Shirin: “…Tora, Kir, go with Sanaz. Konstantin, come with me, we should comb the settlement.”
(7:48:43 PM) *
Sanaz sighs long-sufferingly. “< Keep focused, Shirin.” > he calls after her, quietly, and he’ll go a different way, along with the other sorcerer and the deer.
(7:49:52 PM) Konstantin: Oh boy, ruins!
(7:50:21 PM) Tora: “Okay then?” Tora blinks, riding over to Sanaz atop an elk stag
(7:53:17 PM) Shirin: “…Konstantin, I don’t suppose you have anything on you that like, obviously mark you as the Prince? Just…in case.”
(7:53:53 PM) Sanaz: “This way.” he says.
(7:55:11 PM) Shirin: Hopefully, Kir will decide he likes Tora and Sanaz enough not to mess with them.
(7:55:48 PM) Konstantin: “I have a mark of writ. I also look rather like my father, when he was young and.. more alive.”
(7:56:14 PM) Shirin: “I…I don’t think anyone here is going to recognize that, he was pretty dead when he showed up here.”
(7:56:19 PM) *Tora is pretty happy riding on Kir right now. And rather oblivious to a lot of the going-ons
(7:58:32 PM) Logos: The buildings were not only abandoned, they were abandoned in a hurry – there’s no sign of corpses, or any useful sign of struggle, but there are plates and (rotten) food set out on tables, mending abandoned and half-burned beside now cold fireplaces, a blacksmith’s forge that looks like it was half-burned when fire ran out of control. As Konstantin and Shirin push their way through the half-rotten door of one of those homes, the l
(7:58:32 PM) Logos: ocation of the singing becomes clearer – it seems like it’s coming from one of the back rooms.
(7:59:06 PM) Shirin: “…So, bets it’s a ghost?”
(8:00:42 PM) Konstantin: “It could be a giant plant.”
(8:01:06 PM) Konstantin: “Or werewolves.”
(8:01:28 PM) Konstantin: “Maybe those strange parasites that get in water supplies, scaring off the remaining populace….”
(8:01:36 PM) Shirin: “I’d rather the former, I’m fresh out of dog treats.”
(8:03:31 PM) *
Tora continues to ride an elk happily, humming some tune all the while distractedly
(8:03:57 PM) Shirin: She edges toward the back rooms, trying to peer in to see whaty’s going on. Why isn’t she letting the guy with the sword go first? It is a mystery.
(8:07:19 PM) Logos: Sanaz, meanwhile, has found that Tora and Kir have wandered off…somewhere, leaving him alone near a small shrine of some kind. It’s a little wooden box – little more than a crate, with an elaborate painting depicting some human deity that he’s not familiar with. Wilted flowers and other offerings sit scattered around the shrine.
(8:09:00 PM) Sanaz: …Shirin will never let him hear the end of it for losing her deer and the human. But he’s going to take a closer look at the shrine – he doesn’t know who the deity is, but that’s not what concerns him. He’s taking a closer look at the offerings, to try to figure out how old they are.
(8:13:55 PM) Logos: As Sanaz inspects the offerings, one of the flowers – which looks like it was some kind of water lily – disintegrates at his touch. These offerings have been here a long time – at least by human standards. Possibly since shortly after the Siege.
(8:15:12 PM) Logos: Meanwhile, Shirin and Konstantin edge into the back room – it was a bedroom, though the sheets are little more than moth-eaten rags and the wooden furniture has rotted with age and moisture. There’s a small elven music box sitting on the floor, which seems to be the source of the sound.\
(8:15:28 PM) Konstantin: “…Ominous.”
(8:15:48 PM) Shirin: Well that’s not incredibly creepy or anything. “…That’s a bit of an understatement.”
(8:16:27 PM) Shirin: She walks out to the music box, to pick it up. “…When was this even made…? How would it still //work//?”
(8:17:45 PM) Sanaz: Hmm.
(8:18:20 PM) Sanaz: Fifty-year old offerings, a years-untended shrine…where could the occupants have /gone/?


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