Risk Chronicles

Session 13

(6:34:29 PM) Oryn: Oryn hears Kir stop at the camp, leaning out the wagon with his eyebrows raised. “…I take it things got complicated quickly?”
(6:35:48 PM) Logos: When we last left our heroes, Sanaz was examining the offerings left at a small shrine to an unknown human god – offerings that, from the state of decay in which he found them, were several decades old – as humans reckoned time, in any event. Meanwhile, Shirin and Konstantin had found a small elven music box, which was still operational – a fact which led Shirin to believe that it was left fairly recently, given that music boxes te
(6:35:48 PM) Logos: nded to stop working after a few centuries to force you to buy an upgrade.
(6:36:12 PM) *Tora is looking happy. Because DEER RIDE.
(6:38:49 PM) Oryn: “…Or perhaps you are just enjoying riding a great deer!” He nodded. Oryn crawled his way out of the back of the wagon and dusted himself off. “So what happened you odd boy you?”
(6:40:12 PM) *
Tora looks around, confused “…Wait. Kir, why’d you take me back to the camp?”
(6:41:26 PM) Logos: Kir looks up at Tora and makes a snuffling sound, his head inclined slightly to one side. Then he shakes his mane and dumps him in the cart.
(6:42:43 PM) Shirin: “…So, creepy music box in a ruin, what do you want to bet this is a trap?”
(6:43:11 PM) *Tora lands back-first on something that sounds fragile and breakable. “Oh, come on! I’m not that helpless…”
(6:45:13 PM) *
Tora turns his head to Oryn. “…so I was put on the deer after I had trouble getting through some of the plants there. And then had me follow Sanaz. And then at some point Kir stopped following him and took me back here.”
(6:46:23 PM) Oryn: Oryn sighs and runs a hand over his face. “Kir why did you do that you great fuzzball?” He tilts his head evne though he knows he won’t receive an answer. “Hmmm, well Tora perhaps he thinks you needed me? Maybe he will take us back to the others?” He stretches his hand up towards the deer. “Kir will you lead us back with your animal familiarly senses?”
(6:47:07 PM) Logos: As far as Shirin can tell, the music box looks like it’s of fairly recent construction. These devices rely on elven magic rather than the mechanical acumen of the gnomes, so it’s difficult to tell its exact age, but there’s not a lot of dust on it – it’s been handled recently, or at least frequently.
(6:51:43 PM) Bassist1591 is now known as Konstantin
(6:54:16 PM) Logos: Though the specifics of the deity’s name and history escape him, Sanaz is pretty sure that this shrine was dedicated to some kind of protector goddess – humans being the fragile, short-lived things they are have many gods to protect them from things like disease and war, and this seems to be one of the latter – a protector against disease.
(6:56:02 PM) Shirin: “…” That points to whoever last used it…still being nearby. Which meant, with them split up…“…Konstantin?”
(6:56:54 PM) Shirin: “Could you do me the favor of tracking down my brother and keeping them safe?” Of course, she says that while starting to look for something to track, because tracking something on her own had never gotten her in trouble before.
(6:57:01 PM) Logos: Konstantin might be a little distracted right now – his finely tuned part-vampire senses are telling him that the sun is starting to set rapidly.
(6:57:42 PM) Sanaz: …a protector against disease.
(6:58:14 PM) Konstantin: “Mmm, yes?” He was a bit preoccupied with checking the rest of the room, and, well, yes. That. “We may wish to leave.”
(7:00:23 PM) Sanaz: He frowns to himself, over all the possibilities of how this settlement had gone abandoned in such a hurry.
(7:01:34 PM) Shirin: “Why are you—sunset, isn’t it? Shit.” …Well, she’ll take the music box with her. “Probably the best idea.”
(7:05:30 PM) Logos: The sun is starting to set and Oryn and Tora are still the only members of the party still back at their camp. As Tora pulls himself up and out of the cart, though, he can clearly hear sounds coming from the forest around the campsite – scraping, shuffling sounds, low vocalizations that are clearly not animal.
(7:06:54 PM) ***Tora quickly draws his dagger and focus, turning towards the approaching sounds. “Oi, Oryn. Something or someone’s coming.”
(7:07:59 PM) Oryn: Oryn narrows his eyes as he looks in the direction Tora does, flexing his focus-glove and feeling magical energy sparking through it. “Something or someone? Someone we know or something to strike?”
(7:08:30 PM) Tora: “Well, it’s not exactly any animal I know.”
(7:09:23 PM) Logos: As Sanaz looks over the shrine, his keen elf ears pick up the sound of someone walking toward him – they’re making no effort to conceal their presence. In fact, their footsteps are heavy, thudding against the packed dirt of the village street.
(7:12:23 PM) Tora: “And I don’t think our friends just…drag their feet like that.”
(7:13:06 PM) Sanaz: He doesn’t quite have his sister’s gift for stealth, but he’s loathe to remain out in the open at this point – he doesn’t know what is approaching him
(7:19:00 PM) Logos: A quick check of the area around him tells Sanaz that the best place to hide is going to be in the building behind the shrine – it’s difficult to tell, given the amount of overgrowth covering it, but it looks like it was once some kind of house, and one of the windows has already fallen into disrepair, allowing the slender elf to scramble in.
(7:19:56 PM) Logos: Lights have begun to appear in the forest around the campsite – faint green wisps of light dancing among the trees between the campsite and the abandoned village.
(7:23:31 PM) Logos: As Shirin and Konstantin emerge into the street, they see Sanaz duck into a building not far from them – just as several forms emerge from the woods at the edge of the village. Their clothes are in tatters and their gait is…strange, not exactly shuffling so much as stumbling. With their nightvision, the two can clearly make out weapons in the new arrivals’ hands.
(7:24:50 PM) Oryn: Oryn backs towards Tora, keeping close to him. “An illusion or a swarm of monsters?”
(7:26:30 PM) Shirin: “…What in the name of the Hunter is…” …Right. Drawing bow.
(7:28:38 PM) Logos: Shirin quickly identifies them as some sort of undead creature – given that she can catch flashes of bone underneath the rotten armor they’re wearing, they appear to be skeletons. The creatures surrounding the campsite are not unknown to Tora – they’re Will-o-Wisps, shards of dead souls trapped in despair.
(7:29:38 PM) Tora: “…oh. Wow. Didn’t think I’d ever see these things.”
(7:30:52 PM) Sanaz: …oh, good. He can see his sister just across the street: he can also see whatever things are…stumbling down the street. Glories be, what /are/ those things?
(7:31:03 PM) Konstantin: Pulling his sword, then. This is the last thing he wanted. “As I suspected… lesser undead.”
(7:31:19 PM) Shirin: “So, I don’t know much about paladins, I’ll admit. But I don’t suppose the rumors about smiting undead are true?”
(7:32:08 PM) Tora: “Wisps. Or, well, Will-o-Wisps.” You’d be surprised what trivia you’d pick up. “Wonder what made the people of that village so despondent as to trap them this way…”
(7:32:13 PM) Shirin: “And are you going to stomp on their heads like the hag, either way? Because I don’t think we have the time for it.” She narrows her eyes, and adjusts her shot…aim for the glowing thing seems to be the best idea.
(7:33:59 PM) Oryn: "
(7:34:04 PM) Sanaz: If he stays here much longer, he is going to get trapped in this building: his best chance is to make a break for it and get to Shirin and Konstantin.
(7:34:47 PM) Oryn: “Ah, Will o the Wisps. I should have known.” But he didn’t. “So something seriously dark is going on here… Is it safe to go among them? Maybe if we head towards that village we’ll meet up with the others?”
(7:35:57 PM) Tora: “Only one way to find out.” Is Kir still there? If so, he’s going to try and hitch another ride on the deer.
(7:36:24 PM) Logos: Kir is still here, and also stamping at the ground rather irritably.
(7:36:52 PM) Konstantin: “Oh, no. Those rumors are very much true.” he just doesn’t have veyr much use for the skill, usually. How’d it go again?
(7:38:54 PM) Oryn: “Maybe you shouldn’t go near Kir right now Tora? He looks ready to stamp off feet or perhaps an entire gnome!”
(7:39:19 PM) Tora: “You know a faster way to get to the others?”
(7:40:53 PM) Shirin: “Glad to hear it.” She can see Sanaz…and as soon as he’s clear, she’ll take the shot.
(7:43:35 PM) Oryn: “Death is only the fastest way out of a situation when you’re going to be remembered for it forever or when you’re out of money.”
(7:54:24 PM) Logos: Two of the skeletons stop and raise short, human-made recurve bows, launching arrows in smooth arcs at Shirin and Konstantin. The arrow aimed at Konstantin flies through his cape and buries itself in the ground behind his feet, while the one aimed at Shirin manages to cut along across her bicep before hitting the dry-rotted wood of the building behind her with a thwang.
(7:55:28 PM) Logos: Of the three will-o-wisps currently hovering between the town and camp, two suddenly vanish – disappearing completely from sight. The third starts hovering closer to the firelight as the snap-hum of electrical charge can be heard building up around it.
(7:55:34 PM) Shirin: “<…oh,>< Forgive me. >”
(9:34:04 PM) Logos: The arrow slams into the skeletal horse’s knee hard enough to buckle it, sending its rider forward and onto the ground. The horse wheels and starts charging toward Shirin.
(9:40:58 PM) Shirin: “…This may not have been my best plan.”
(9:46:55 PM) ***Sanaz winds the beads of the rosary where his focus crystal hangs through his fingers, and calls out to the goddesses that have ever been in his head. “<o>”
(9:47:29 PM) Konstantin: “What a fiend you are…” It’s easy for the layman to assume Konstantin’s response is to hack wildly through the air at the monster he fights, but in reality it’s nothing more than an attempt to test it’s defenses, physical and magical – and at the right moment, he’ll bring the blade down for a severing strike, the charged air resonating with a holy crackle.
(9:48:45 PM) Logos: Kir turns on the Wisp that Tora attacked, making another charge – and nearly trampling Tora in the process.
(9:50:02 PM) Tora: “AAAAAAAAAA!” Tora lets out a quite unmanly yell as he tries to dodge Death by Deer.


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